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About RAYS

Discover core RAYS features and functionality

Prime RAYS Features

  • Customized Delegated Proof of Stake (CDPOS)
  • Bulletproof Protocol for Privacy
  • Flexible Blockchain Network (FBN) [Public and Private]
  • Enterprise Privacy Blockchain Solution (EPBS)
  • Zero Transaction Fee
  • RAYS PAY & Microtransactions
  • Multi Transaction System (MTS)
  • RAYS Research Laboratory
  • RAYS 3S Wallet
  • Quantum Proof
  • GDPR Compliance

A Blockchain

RAYS Network is based on a whole new blockchain technology which is growing and improving all the time. For a few years now, blockchain technology has been increasingly adopted, but there are still many problems that hold this technology back from going mainstream. RAYS Network is looking to solve many of these problems.

A Cryptocurrency

RAYS Network is a cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize your experience within the cryptocurrency world. We have identified common cryptocurrency issues ranging from usability to how decentralized systems operate. We are adopting known features in the cryptocurrency world such as Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and multi-algorithm protocol but we have modified features to accommodate our community’s needs.

Privacy and Security

We will achieve real privacy and security by choosing the right algorithm (in this case the Bulletproof Algorithm). By refining it in our unique way, we will be able to achieve really high network scalability and keep the highest standards of safety at the same time.

The implementation of one of the two additional protocols such as TOR or I2P will allow our users to enjoy total privacy. Thanks to these two protocols, none of the transactions can be traced in any way.

The implementation of the bulletproof protocol will make the RAYS Network also immune to attacks from quantum computers.

Ultra Fast Transaction with Zero Fee

By choosing a multi-algorithm protocol, we will be able to improve it in an appropriate and unique way for us to maximize the scalability of our blockchain network.

Through the internal voting of our development team, we unanimously chose that our blockchain network will have the zero transaction fee, which means that all transactions carried out by RAYS Network will have zero costs so that RAYS cryptocurrency may get well adopted at highest possible level.

Customized Delegated Proof of Stake

One of the special features of our project is Customized-Delegated Proof-of-Stake or C-DPoS. It is the most decentralized, fast, and efficient protocol known to date. C-DPoS is an extended version of DPoS with inclusion of Trusted and Efficient labels being assigned to best performing Delegates. C-DPoS a robust and flexible consensus protocol. Deterministic selection of block producers will allow transactions to be confirmed in an average of just 1 sec.

Multi Transaction System (MTS)

One of our planned blockchain feature is a one-click Multi-Transaction System (MTS) where a head of the company can send payments to all of its employees using just one click. There are hundreds of such possible applications of blockchain. Not even limited to digital currency payment, in such blockchain network, one user may send data to hundreds of other users or systems in the blockchain.

The Problem

The industries need a blockchain which should be Secure and Private. General cryptocurrency users require Low Transaction Fee, Fast Speed, and Security

The Solution: Flexible Blockchain Network (FBN)

We have a solution for both; a Secure and Private blockchain for industries, and a Secure and Fast cryptocurrency for general users. Our technical team is working on a Flexible Blockchain Network (FBN) which may switch between General and Enterprise users as required by the users for their needs. Sufficient progress has already been made and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has already been developed to prove the FBN concept. Bulletproof protocol is selected to implement this Flexible Blockchain Network.


Tomasz Betko


Umar Shafiq

Chief Strategy Officer

Michal Mikolajczyk

Chief Compliance Officer

Ismail Malik

CEO of Blockchain Lab

Badri Narayanan

PhD., Advisor to Governments


  • Q1 2018

    • RAYS idea created
    • Initial Team Formulation
    • Creation of Roadmap
    • Official social medias & official email
    • Github for RAYS Project developers
    • Research and Study of Existing Blockchain Protocols and Algorithms
    • Understanding the needs of customers
    • Team Discussion and Decisions for Solutions to ensure the requirements of Community
    • Pre-Whitepaper Preparation
  • Q2 2018

    • Website Launch
    • RAYS Network Ltd registration (first office in UK)
    • RAYS Skymap
    • Pre-launch marketing strategy and materials
    • Research regulations and compliance procedures
    • RAYS Enterprise and Digital ID Core Preparation
    • RAYS 3S Wallet Discussion
    • Find current projects that will provide valuable functionality to RAYS Enterprise
    • Whitepaper 1.0 release
    • Preparation for AI Master Nodes Dev & Quantum Proof
    • Preparation of Digital ID Implementation
    • Understanding Industries and Integration
    • Marketing campaigns launched to increase awareness of RAYS Project
    • Preparation for Private and Pre Sale
    • AlphaMVP - RAYS Simulator 1
    • ERC20 Smart Contract for Token Sale
    • Smart Contract Audit
  • Q3 2018

    • Private and Pre Sale
    • Technical whitepaper 1.0 release
    • Preparation for Exchange Listings
    • Preparation for RAYS Cloud Wallet
    • FBN Blockchain Development Starts
    • Release of Cloud wallet
    • RAYS Partnerships
    • Preparation of Windows and Linux wallets
    • RAYS Enterprise Relocation
    • Prepare for RAYS Exchange
    • Team Expansion
  • Q4 2018

    • First Partnership Announcement
    • Release Windows and Linux Wallets
    • Listing on at least one top rated exchange other than IDEX
    • Listing on
    • Preparation for RAYS Smart Contracts
    • Release RAYS Exchange
    • Technical Whitepaper Update 1.1
    • Release New Skymap for 2019
    • Preparation for RAYS Mobile App
    • Establishment of RAYS office in Asia
    • Academic Collaborations and Establishment of RAYS Research Laboratory
    • Skymap for year 2019 release
  • 2019

    • AI Master nodes
    • Quantum Proof
    • More Exchanges
    • New Partnerships
    • RAYS Flexible Blockchain Network (FBN) Performance and Security Audits
    • RAYS 3S Wallet
    • RAYS Mainnet Deployment
    • And a lot more to come

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, XSH
Token Info
Token RAYS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 RAYS=$0.50
Token Count 500,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-July-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-31

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