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1PGAS=0,0007 ETH

The Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem is tailored for individuals and businesses and provides banking and trading services in three asset types: fiat, crypto and stocks.

Powered by EOS technology, Platio adds the speed and transparency of blockchain to the reliability and compliance of traditional finance.

Platio will meet the financial needs of the information economy, empowering its users to take advantage of the best of both fintech and mainstream finance. Platio will also offer Asset Guard and Smart Escrow, innovative built-in safeguards for multiple types of asset and transactions.

Platio is an international fintech company licensed by the FCA and headquartered in London. The company holds European licenses for crypto operations and is an Authorised Payment Institution.

Platio is an international fintech project headquartered in London and authorised in over 30 countries. Platio’s new Smart Banking Ecosystem is an innovative solution for the crypto world’s main challenges. Powered by EOS blockchain technology, the platform will offer all-in-one secure banking for crypto and fiat, and brokerage for stocks.

Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem is set to make crypto a trusted, widespread means of payment. Our technology will allow users to seamlessly and intuitively switch between crypto and fiat financial systems. Platio’s built-in safeguards, like Asset Guard and Smart Escrow, will increase confidence in crypto as an asset and drive its global adoption.

Platio holds European licenses for crypto operations and is an Authorised Payment Institution.


In crypto and fiat using Smart escrow which resolves conflicts between parties


Crypto, fiat and stocks from volatility or access loss risks


On one platform in crypto, fiat and stocks


Crypto and fiat via Invoicing & Processing for businesses and individuals


Crypto, fiat and stocks in one place


Crypto and fiat with plastic or virtual payment cards


In crypto and fiat using SWIFT/SEPA/OCT


Crypto, fiat and stocks for free within Platio Ecosystem



  • Internal Transfers
  • Invoicing & Processing


Platio builds a private Sidechain based on EOS technology and a predefined set of smart contracts backed.

The Platio Blockchain will ensure secure, fast and transparent internal business processes. The efficiencies created through Blockchain will increase organizational output and help cut down the transactional costs and processing time associated with traditional banking systems. All the assets within the Platio Ecosystem will be tokenized. Tokenized assets will be used for internal transactions and smart contracts in the Platio Ecosystem


Vlad Bunin

Founder and Chief Strategist

Vlad is a high impact executive with 19 years of widespread experience in banking, insurance and airlines industries, able to be accountable for multi-million Euro budgets and allocate resources to exceed profit and sales goals. As a Founder and Board Member of Hedge Capital Company, a successful financial services provider, Vlad has implemented legal governance and financial management policies, has led risk assessment and strategic planning, asset management, cost accounting and control. In more recent years, whilst maintaining a strong involvement in the finances, Vlad has also launched and managed a successful business of integrated financial software solutions for Banks, Payment Institutes and Broker Companies. The breadth of background across industries and excellent analytical and interpersonal skills help him to operate effectively in both large scale and early stage organizations and be a highly valuable expert of the Platio team.

Dima Okhrimchuk

Chief Executive Officer

Dima has over 10 years of experience in tech and finance. Previously, he was a VP of Business Development at one of the largest photostock platforms. Before then, he worked at various investment banks and venture capital funds, as well as tech companies based in CIS and the Silicon Valley. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley. At Platio, Dima is responsible for driving the execution of its strategic goals and business development.

Dzmitry Lapo

Chief Technology Officer

Dzmitry is an innovative, hands-on executive with a proven success record in Software engineering, FinTech & Banking Industry. He strongly believes in building technology the right way and has experience in leading a high performance team of more than 400 employees that work with the same mission, approach and methodology in mind. With 20 years background in IT industry in startups and large corporations and International Executive MBA degree he develops mid- to long-term technology roadmaps in line with the overall business strategy to reflect emerging technology trends. As Platio CTO, Dzmitry is leading all aspects of technology and product delivery, architecture and scalability, operations and support.

Irina Berkon

Chief Financial Officer

A proven finance, accounting and compliance leader with 15 years of progressive hands-on experience in corporate finance, Irina brings solid background in the fields of IPO, start-ups, M&A, financial audits, international accounting and tax structure, corporate strategic planning and development, and financing activities. Having spent most of her career in the Silicon Valley, Irina has deep expertise in fin-tech, software and digital industries. Irina leads Platio in achieving robust financial management and compliance.

Andrzej Dawydowicz

Chief Product Officer

Currently obtaining a PhD in Business Management, Andrzej has an outstanding business background in administration, international relations and tech. He is a product visionary with a unique and creative approach to developing award-winning technology products that attract and delight customers, grow audiences and engagement, and increase revenues. Andrzej leads Platio in its the development of such products.


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Accepting BTC, ETH, BCH, 100+ coins
Token Info
Country United Kingdom
Hardcap 34500000 EUR
Softcap 5000000 EUR
Token PGAS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1PGAS=0,0007 ETH
Token Count 397,500,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-August-20
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-February-28

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