Token Count
1 ETH = 20,000 VIK

What is Vikky?

Vikky is a platform where you could earn money by completing various tasks. Vikky uses VIK Token as our unit of payment, based on Ethereum’s blockchain platform.

The investors can use Vikky’s service to look for short-term, flexible and suitable staffs for their needs. VIK token is usable worldwide – Use it to pay, exchange on Crypto trading sites, or exchange into your preferred fiat currency.

VIK token is going to be issued with a limited amount, therefore, once VIK token spread globally, its value will multiply rapidly, producing a large profit for investors.


Look for job based on your current location, fast transactions through Blockchain

Available jobs will appear on the map. Users just need to select jobs in their favored location.

Vikky uses blockchain technology as payment portal, which ensure all the transactions on Vikky to be fast, easy, cost-efficient and applicable to every countries in the world.

Our Goal

Vikky is World’s No.1 app for short-term jobs

Vikky’s strategy is to cover global market, starting from the big cities where the need for short-term jobs and staffs is high.

Become the first ever short-term service app in the world to use Ethereum’s blockchain technology, create opportunities to everybody.


Huy Thai

Founder & CEO

“Nothing is as annoying as forgetting your favorite coat at home when you travel oversea.” Last trip from HCMC to Sydney gave me an idea of creating a community from where I can easily find out people who would have the same trip with me, and willing to give a hand for some bounties. Vikky, a tool which helps people to have their utmost needs done, from cleaning their kitchen to bringing them something they forgot at home.Vikky makes it easy with a built-in connecting point to point, city to city system which you usually see in airlines’s magazines. With 10 years establishing a Digital Marketting agency, and 03 years managing 02 Dental Laboratories in Phnom Penh and Sydney, I can understand what a traveler, a new guess in the city, a local person, or a business truly need. Me and my enthusiastic team worked tirelessly, with a big ambition we was inspired to create Vikky and provided our service to a decent crowd, now is the next step to expand it globally!.

Mark Murray


Mark’s career in dental technology began in 1993 at Ivoclar Vivadent NZ, working as a Technical Manager and Global Trainer. He also has his own farm in New Zealand. In 2004, after being introduced into Bitcoin by a friend, Mark bought his very first amount of Cryptocurrency from his spare income and has been in the Crypto field since then.

Hung Le

IT Manager

15 years of experience working in different aspects of information technology, including developing desktop, web, and mobile applications. Strengths include: • JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML • Java, C++, Object C • OOP, SOLID principles, Design Patterns, Dependency Injection, n-tiers layer architecture, MVC, MVVM, Multi-tenant architecture • SQL server, MySQL, Oracle DB • SVN, Team Foundation Server, GIT • Blockchain with solidity

Linh Phan

Android Developer

• Have 3 years of experience in software development, project maintenance and project publication for Android/iOS/Web. • Good in object-oriented design, data structures, design pattern, problem solving/analysis and debugging. • Have enough experience to build a complete mobile application: server side (php+mysql or NodeJs+MongoDB), client side (Android/IOS), integrate advertisement and public to store (PlayStore or AppStore). • Familiar with healthcare, social network, map, locate, camera application.

Shade Tran

Marketing Executive

Fresh Graduate from Central Queensland University – major in Information System of Business. I have spent years and years to develop my computer skills in the digital media and information platform. Also a huge enthusiast in Business – both Personal and Corporation level, and a strong believer that Tech and Social Media will be the key for any business to grow strongly and firmly.


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token VIK
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 20,000 VIK
Token Count 1,000,000,000
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-May-02
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-July-31

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Vikky - Mining blockchain by jobs

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