Token Count
1 GC = $0.004

The Gric Coin vision is to create a decentralized open-source currency before the end of 2019, that is focused on improving agricultural practice and increase agricultural output globally with the major focus on Africa.

Our Mission Statement


By the end of our ICO in February 2019, we will purchase a 1000 acre of farm land where we will set up our farm and processing factory to process and package all our farm produce to meet international food processing and packaging standards.

In the 2nd quarter of 2019, our Blockchain website should be ready for use in product verification and prevention of imitation and food fraud.


By the last quarter of 2019, we would have upgraded our platform, create apps for it and make it available for investors to invest on live farm projects with Gric Coin, get local farmers to do the hard work and pay back investors their initial investment and the agreed return on investment. 


From the first quarter of 2020, we will start partnering with other businesses for the adoption of Gric Coin and our block chain system. The adoption of our system will result in business adopting the standards we set on our system and help them in preventing imitation and food fraud.

Why should I invest in Gric coin ?

Gric Coin is an Agricultural Project with a future. When you invest in Gric Coin Project, you are investing in 3 in 1 project. Every milestone reached on our farm and Blockchain Project can reflect positively on Gric Coin, resulting in higher demand and price increase of coins value thereby increasing the value of your holdin

Good Return

You can invest your coin in our Utility Project and earn good returns on your investment.

Future of Agriculture

By investing in Gric Coin, you will be investing in the future of agriculture.

A Good Step

Your investment in Gric Coin will help create employment for hundreds of farmers.

Continuous Return

Every year Gric Coin holders will receive 20% of the Gric Coin Project net profit.

The Product Verification Process and Sample Packaging

 Every item produced and packaged in our factory will come with full detain information on a verifiable smart contract signature code in form of a barcode. The details will include date of production, total of that item produced in that batch, the item ingredient, production farm and factory location.

On purchase or point of purchase, consumers can Visit to scan the barcode signature on our Blockchain system. They can scan the code or type the numbers under in the search bar to sign the signature of the smart contract and get full detail about this product and find out if they are buying or have bought a genuine Gric Coin Project item.

Check the pictures below to see some product packaging sample and the blockchain barcode


A global network of computers uses blockchain technology to jointly manage the database that records Gric transactions.

Safe & Secure

Gric is taking the world by storm. The decentralized digital currency is a secure payment platform that anybody can use.

Quality Performance

Quality Performance Gric has good quality performance in all its perspectives with compare to others.

Easy to Use

Anyone, from any country, of any age, can accept Gric within minutes.


Rucky Kumene

Personal Experience

She is a seasoned writer and blogger. She is passion has driven and has a lot of zeal to learn. She is a member of the editorial team of NGR News, a top-notch online news brand with massive following globally. Rucky is an expert and social media manager of Warri TV Facebook page, a social media page with over 230,000 followers

Ejejigbe Sheyi Mackson

Personal Experience

He holds a masters degree in Computing & Information Systems from Greenwich University, London, and currently doing the doctorate in Business Administration with the research focus on start-up businesses in Africa. His interests include the development of business strategies for start-ups, youth entrepreneurship, ICT, and NGO activities in developing countries. Ejejigbe is a consultant in the making. He is currently a volunteer for international and local NGOs in Nigeria. He is a devoted author. He has co-authored a number of publications, and currently working on a new book. I am an Author. I have co-authored a few publications. Currently working on my personal book which is a project I am passionate and enthusiastic about. I currently volunteer for international and local NGOs in Nigeria and I worked and mentor young people and I am passionate about what I do.

Pessu Anslem

Personal Experience

He started his career in the oil and gas the industry as an asset integrity maintenance engineer for 4 years. His engineering background and an ingenious mind for designs and creativity complement his talent. He has unraveling passion for agriculture with 3 years’ experience in crop production. Pess is an agricultural extension agent in federal the government of Nigeria Npower programme, an entrepreneur, investor; coordinator and President of Patriot Agribusiness Network (PAN, Delta State Chapter), and Peniel Agro Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Yazid Anwar


Yazid is a passion-driven social media enthusiast and lead generator. He is a committed team member of the Gric Coin project. Since joining the team, Yazid has helped in identifying quality leads for this project. He is a 2nd-year student of Electrical Engineering in Tidar University. He is a blockchain technology enthusiast and has avid interest in and understanding of the cutting-edge technologies.

Adrian Edema

Department:Founder of Gric Coin

Personal Experience He is the Founder of Gric Coin. He is a former HR and Business Development Assistant, PENKZ UK. He holds BSc International Finance from Birmingham City University in the UK, and a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management. Adrian is a financial expert and a member of ABE UK. He has vast experience in business development and human resource management. He has a proven track record in product market development, sales strategy, and analysis of sales data.


  • August 2017

    Conception Of Farmpartner Site Idea.

  • December 2017

    Completion Of

  • January 2018

    First Farmpartner investment commence.

  • April 2018

    Commencement Of first live farm.

  • May 2018

    Gric Coin Agricultural Blockchain Project concept.

  • June 2018

    Setting up of Gric Coin GC project social networks and ICO website Design.

  • July 2018

    Gric Coin White-paper design.

  • 2nd Half Of 2018

    Pre-sale and ICO.

  • 1st half of 2019

    Purchase of farm land and pre farming activities.

  • 2nd half of 2019

    Setting up of processing factory and Gric Coin Project Blockchain site, App and Updated Farmpartner platform.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP
Token Info
Country Nigeria
Hardcap $25,000,000
Softcap $1,000,000
Token GC
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 GC = $0.004
Token Count 10,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-August-20
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-November-30
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-February-28

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Gric - Increasing Food Production and Farming Prictices(GC)

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