Token Count
1 ETH = 3,888 CTW

Participate in the Citowise ICO and be among the innovators who create a new era of finance on the blockchain, where crypto payments are a part of everyday life and all transactions are transparent and secure!


Want to use your cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services? SOON you can!!!

Sell your crypto assets for a cost effective rate and use your card like a regular debit card.

We created the Citowise prepaid Debit Card as an ideal solution for those who want to use their cryptocurrencies for purchases anywhere in the globe, fast and without having to pay excessive conversion fees.

Citowise wallet users will be able to sell their cryptoassets directly from within the wallet at a cost effective exchange rate and receive the fiat equivalent of that cryptocurrency on their Citowise Debit Card within minutes.

In Europe we will work with Visa/MasterCard while in Asia we will collaborate with UnionPay.

With such solution, users will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies in real life, online or otherwise, using just one prepaid debit card which is accepted everywhere.

Citowise wallet will offer such services for largest major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and other top traded coins as well as Citowise token

Corporate Accounts

Open a company remotely with Citowise

Citowise has prepared a solution to set up a company in 28 jurisdictions in 3 simple steps. User simply choose a jurisdiction from the list and purchase a company with cryptocurrency. Together with the company, the user will get a corporate wallet in the Citowise wallet application.

Get corporate account

Citowise has developed a separate wallet for your corporate account with which you can easily manage all your company crypto transaction quickly and securely

Operate your company remotely

Citowise strives to help people to operate their business in foreign jurisdictions by creating a place where entrepreneurs are able to seek for accounting experts, lawyers, managers, translators and other professionals to ensure smooth operation of their business remotely.

Send crypto invoices in no time

Citowise developed a unique algorithm that generates a crypto invoice for every payment made or received from your corporate wallet allowing you to fully use the company for any crypto payments.

Pushing the boundaries of Crypto

Citowise pushes the boundary of cryptocyrrency operations further by developing new solutions, tolls and services to provide an outstanding experience to operate a cryptobusiness from anywhere in the world.

Administrative marketplace

For those users who will use Citowise to purchase a company abroad, we introduce the CITOWISE MARKETPLACE.

Not only is Citowise offering the only solution of its kind in terms of remote company purchasing, we took it even further. We understand that in order to have a fully functional company, it requires someone who will handle administrative tasks such as accounting, finance, HR, office management, translations and hundreds of other tasks which are quite hard to execute remotely

The Citowise Marketplace will be available in all 28 jurisdictions where we offer companies and will be a place where entrepreneurs are able to seek for accounting experts, lawyers, managers, translators and other professionals to ensure smooth operation of their business remotely. We will try to offer the full scope of what companies need

Professionals will list their fees, which may vary according to their experience and ratings, and Entrepreneurs will be able easily navigate through the marketplace by categories to find their perfect match.

Citowise will only take a service fee which can also be paid with the Citowise Token.

Crypto invoice generation

Crypto accounting service

Citowise makes it easier to land your whole business to work in crypto space

Citowise is going to provide a complete solution to help entrepreneurs to send invoices and handle business accounting right in the wallet

Our unique solution will push the boundaries and move crypto startups to a new level

ICO tokens allocationICO tokens allocation

Private presale
public presale 
Advisers rewards 
Team rewards 
public ICO phase 
Raised funds spending plan

Legal team 
Business team 
Marketing team 
Support team 
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Technical team 
Citowise Wallet

Simplicity in Mind
An extremely simple user interface that requires no technical knowledge of any of blockchain networks

Integrated exchanges
A simple interface to convert one cryptocurrency into other right from the wallet with integrated exchange of your choice

Secure and private
A completely unique and secure multi cryptocurrency wallet that integrates with Ledger and Trezor

Buy cryptocurrencies
Purchasing cryptocurrencies directly from the wallet at the lowest fees available on the market

Global Integration
A Prepaid debit card which can be topped off instantly with cryptocurrencies from the wallet thereby, allowing users to use their crypto on demand

ICO Platform
A unique solution to safely participate in ICOs with hardware wallets with multiple cryptocurrencies


Max Zab


Aleksandr Kents


Jaroslav Gorjachev

Head of Engineering

Michael Burich

Business Development

Denis Orlov

Project manager


  • June 2018

    • Alpha testing of token processing payment gateway (Ether and All ERC20 tokens)

    • Private sale of ICO

    • Participate in listed ICOs with Bitcoin

    • Marketplace concept

    • Negotiations with debit card acquirer (Visa|Mastercard)

  • July 2018

    • Wallet supports Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

    • Buying crypto for fiat within the wallet (Europe only) 

    • Alpha testing ”Buy a company“ solution

    • Marketplace beginning of development

  • August 2018

    • Launch of public Presale

    • Beta testing ‘Buy a company “solution

    • Negotiations with UnionPay network debit cards (ASIA)

    • Participate in listed ICOs with Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash

    • Beta testing of token processing payment gateway (Ether and All ERC20 tokens)

  • September 2018

    • Citowise wallet desktop version

    • Wallet supports Dash

    • Donations listing

    • Payment gateway supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash

  • October 2018

    • Participate in listed ICOs with Dash

    • Production ready ‘Buy a company“ solution

    • Launch of public ICO

  • November 2018

    • Wallet supports Waves

    • Escrow available in the wallet (Bitcoin)

    • Launch of beta version of marketplace

  • December 2018

    • Production-ready marketplace

    • Finish of ICO campaign

  • 1st quartile 2019

    • Wallet supports Stellarium

    • Participate in listed ICOs with Ripple

    • Citowise debit cards

    • Wallet supports NEO, EOS, Credits, Stellar, Ripple, Monero

    • More than 200 000 ordered debit card in EU and Asia

    • Payment gateway supports EOS, Credits, Stellar

    • More than 1 000 000 Citowise wallet active users

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Token Info
Country Estonia
Hardcap 90,000 ETH
Softcap 20,000 ETH
Token CTW
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 3,888 CTW
Token Count 350,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-August-15
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-September-15
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-15
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-15

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Citowise - cyrrency payment gateway for web and mobile applications(CTW)

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