Token Count
1 CGO = 3 $


Explore the Earth-size augmented open world, challenge other players in fierce PvP battles 

and manipulate you virtual surroundings with CGO tokens!


Clash & GO combines a geolocation game in augmented reality (AR), and a city-building strategy game with real-time battles.

Augmented Reality

AR brings new and fresh experience, and dramatically changes the way we play mobile games. An ordinary walk in the park turns into a fierce struggle for survival and resources!

Cross-Genre Gameplay

Clash & GO offers a sophisticated yet easy-to-access fusion of genres, eliminating their down sides while blending familiar mechanics with top-notch technology.Dive into an infinite world of endless possibilities and rich AR gameplay!

Ever-Changing Dynamic World

The fusion of Blockchain and AR enables players to transform and manipulate their virtual surroundings. Whenever you open Clash & Go, you don't know what surprises the dynamic, ever-changing world will bring!


Why we can't use a centralized database

Security is crucial for Clash & GO players, especially, for those who earn or buy CGO tokens and use them to manipulate their virtual surroundings in the game. Traditional centralized databases are controlled by a single entity, so they are unable to guarantee the transparency and security of transactions.

Why we need Blockchain

Blockchain provides transparency, security and immutability:

  • CGO tokens are like a superpower that allows you to manipulate the Clash & GO augmented world, making it different for other players as well. Such a power should not be used irresponsibly. Everyday we create report, which includes: distribution of tokens on in-game wallets, tokens transactions inside the game, received revenue to be spend for burning tokens, token sales on the in-game auction, etc. The report will be stored internally. We store the hash of this report in blockchain. This makes the token transactions inside the game transparent and ready for third-party audit.
  • Since a blockchain token is a based on money, it is is the most adequate tool for balancing the changes in the world of Clash & GO augmented reality.
  • Ethereum smart contracts guarantee that the number of tokens from delayed emission for the in-game auction will not be altered.



15% of revenue is spent on buying CGO on exchanges


Players can use tokens to transform and manipulate their virtual surroundings.


Players buy and keep their tokens for in-game purposes. More tokens you have, the more powerful you are.


These CGO tokens are burned on a daily basis


Andriy Semenyuk


Andriy is the founding father of Elyland. He is a passionate visionary and an innovator with 22 years of experience in business and game development. Being a college dropout just like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, Andriy went extra mile each day to make his dream come true. Andriy's persistence and guidance allowed Elyland to become one of the leading game development companies in the region.

Bohdan Repekh

Executive Director

Bohdan is a skilled and hardened professional with 15 years of experience in game development at various positions (CEO, Producer, Project Manager, Game Designer). Bohdan has a strong grasp of the industry and understands the crypto business requirements easily, and hence he is able to make sound executive decisions for each project he works on.

Alex Sakhnevych

Chief Technology Officer

Alex is a diligent Technology Officer who sets the technical strategy and conceptualises how technology is to be used in the company. His diverse set of skills includes: Java, Unity, C#, Groovy, Scala, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, bash scripting, etc. Yes, he does know all that stuff.

Jalal Fattouh

Chief Strategy Officer

Jalal has a diverse background in game development, strategic planning and creative problem solving. Throughout his career in Elyland, Jalal has occupied almost every position in the company. So he can switch roles in a blink of an eye. Like Superman.

Max Shash

Chief Marketing Officer

Max is a dedicated marketing specialist with 11 years of experience in marketing and sales. His professional expertise helped the company to launch successful projects with high level of ROI and low CAC. Max is a true go-getter and just gets things done.


  • 2007

    • Elyland founded
  • 2010

    • 6 successful projects released
  • 2017

    • Creation of the AR platform
  • January 2017

    • Clash & GO development started
  • August 2017

    • Alpha version release
  • April 2017

    • Website launch with full ICO documentation
  • May 2018

    • Private presale
  • July 2018

    • Public presale
  • August 2018

    • Clash & GO Release
  • September 2018

    • Game update: GO-map editor
  • September 2018

    • Public Token Sale
  • October 2018

    • Going public on Exchanges
  • November 2018

    • Game update: Clan Wars
  • December 2018

    • Game update: parallel universes
  • February 2019

    • Game update: new levels for units and buildings
  • June 2019

    • Game update: new resource type, new types of buildings and units
  • September 2019

    • Game update: new galaxy

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, USD
Token Info
Token CGO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 CGO = 3 $
Token Count 10,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-July-10
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-July-31
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-September-04
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-03

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