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Why Dateat ?

DatEat is the world’s first ever dating platform that integrated the power of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and AI engine to create an intelligence, transparent, secure and compatible environment for users around the world.

DatEat is not just about dating, we embedded with several different functions such as Eat, Travel, Concert, Hotel… all in one place to bring the best experiences and make life much easier.


DTE Token

The Cryptocurrency of the future payment

Dateat Look Around

The solution for both singles and couples. Dating has never been easier


Thousands of vouchers and deals available for DatEat users


Mentors, experts and professionals with the best advices and recommendations for any situation



Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer

Queenie is our expert in area of management as she has been leader in many area especially education industry. Graduated from Master of International Business at Northumbria University, UK, she was then the Marketing Director in Vietnam for Northumbria University and contributed to raising the university's branding awareness in Vietnam. She also used to hold many positions such as Recruitment Manager for EMG Education, Program Coordinator for EF Education First, Overseas Study Manager for Language Link Vietnam and Hanoi Office Manager for Tyndale Education group Singapore.


Co-Founder Chief Strategy Officer

Tony has over 16 years of investing and operating in several sectors such as Media and Information Technology, Education and Training, as well as supporting the development of the communities in Asia. He also has over 20 years of experience in programming, Cryptography and Blockchain Research, software development, and information security for the Ministry of Defense. He is the Co-Founder of DatEat Holdings, BaoDuHoc Group, Go2UK, Vietnam Talent Corporation VTCORP, FindHouse Vietnam, Northumbria Vietnam, Van Thinh Phat Holdings Invest, Hoa Binh Technology & Education Corp, StudentLifeCare Organization. Tony graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology with a Master degree in Software Engineering, and a degree in Information Security and Cryptography from PLA University of Science and Technology (PLA UST) in China. He was awarded with many prestigious national awards such as: Special prize for Technology, The final award of Vietnam Intellect competition in Information Technology and National Telecommunications, The final prize of Vietnam Talents in Information Technology and Communications, first prize in Software Design - Microsoft Imagine Cup, Excellent Young Generation Award by the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam. Tony has been with DatEat from the day that DatEat was only an idea. He turned his vision into an online dating application. While other people are happy with creating an application, Tony ideas did not stop there. With his knowledge in technology and also his sharp sense of a successful businessman, he decided to integrate blockchain technology to the existing dating application. His vision not only made DatEat the most unique online dating application, but also help it reach its best potential. With Tony in our team, there should be no limit to this project.


Co-Founder Chief Technology Officer

Tuan is an experienced project manager offering 6 years of success leading all phases of diverse technology projects with total of more than 12 years working in the field and is now holding the Chief Technology Officer role at DatEat. He is an excellent student in Internet Computing graduated from Northumbria University and since then he has been managing various projects and working as IT Developer, Desgn Architect, Technical Director and Project Manager in the UK and Vietnam. Tuan is not only an great communicator, but also a brilliant business strategist with leverage technical, business and financial acumen to communicate effectively with clients around the world. He has been with DatEat since the first day of the project and played a super important role: Chief Technology Officer. Since DatEat is essentially an mobile application, building and developing the app is obviously second to none. We need a well-built app that is not only flawless, but at the same time has to be simple and user friendly. This is not easy as DatEat integrates more and more functions (such as AI matching, Mentors, Merchants, etc.). The role of the Technology department does not end here because we have to build our website and also design our ICO application. All the technology-related aspects of DatEat have been the products of Tuan and his team.


Co-Founder Chief Operations Officer

Kate is an entrepreneur and creative expert in strategic planning and trend analysis. She is the founder of KLM Vietnam Company Limited, Business Development Director of Vietnam Talent Corporation VTCORP and Chief Operations Officer of DatEat. Kate studied Corporate Finance at the University of Economics and Finance Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, and graduated in BA Marketing Management and MBA at the University of Northampton, United Kingdom. She has more than 6 years of experiences working in the marketing and customer-focused sectors, along with her passionate interests for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, Kate has been with the DatEat team since the very beginning with the goal of revolutionising the online dating market based on the combination between the power of blockchain technology and our existing Dating Platform – DatEat. Kate has had to work with almost everyone in the team, including from the CEO all the way to the media creator to make sure that everything falls under control within the pre-determined timeline. In a huge project like DatEat, a simple delay in any part can cause the whole chain to get stuck and such inconsistant workflow will not create any positive impact to the overall project. DatEat's plan has always been spot on since the beginning and with Kate, we are sure that DatEat will never go out of track. Kate is also the main architect behind our white paper, which is the ultimate message we would like to send to investors and users worldwide.


Director of Architecture and Engineering

Cuong is now the Director of Architecture and Engineering at DatEat with his deep technical knowledge of mobile application developemnt, strong analytical and debugging skills as well as deep knowledge in PHP with several frameworks like Wordpress, Opencart, Symfony2, a Swift and iOS expert, and Blockchain developer. He graduated from FPT Aptech Education with a Higher Diploma in Software Engineering and has more than 7 years of working experience in this area. He also joined in many projects such as in The Secret Service, Warbler that are specialised in platform development and mobile marketing. All the great ideas that we may come up with, could not become reality if no one actually do the technical tasks. Everytime we decide to add something to our product, or to change the functionality of parts of the app, we turn to Cuong for technical solutions. Fortunately enough, he has never turned any idea down. He took the ideas seriously and make them appear in the real application.


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token DTE
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 DTE = 0.09 $
Token Count 500,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-09
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-May-29
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-June-05
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-August-30

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DatEat - Love is All Around

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