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CrowdWiz, a next generation decentralized investments ecosystem, based on Ethereum.We use blockchain technology to revolutionize and democratize the investing and capital raising sphere by eliminating the contemporary intermediaries in the market, such as investment brokers, fund managers, underwriters, and big financial institutions, and by doing so - we will place the power and control over the investments in the hands of investors. No middlemen, no extra fees!

What is our mission?

To democratize investment by eliminating intermediaries and to decentralize control by placing the power where it belongs - entirely into the hands of investors.

What is our vision?

To create a unique ecosystem built around the WIZ token leveraging "wisdom of the crowd" to empower the community and to stimulate innovation, decentralization and efficiency.

What makes us different

In CrowdWiz, we believe that crowd wisdom is the perfect fit. It recognized that the concept of a decentralized and transparent investing environment where no party has an unfair advantage over the other has huge appeal. 

Its platform is for both entrepreneurs and investors, so for them the wisdom of the crowd can help them maximize their profits.

This includes allowing them to:

  • Minimize risks  
  • Lower costs
  • Have direct access to countless investments and financing possibilities
  • WIZ Tokens give you access and a voting right in all the CrowdWiz investment products.

What is the potential?

Distrust in investors in the centralized stock market after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008 

Despite all that, from the beginning of 2017 until June, the total capitalization of the global stock market stood at $77 trillion.


Investing without middlemen

Connecting directly between investors and yielding investments without intermediaries

We provide transparency and security

Decentralized, secure, transparent financing ecosystem, focusing on the protection of investors' assets.

We believe in democracy

Democratized environment, where everyone's votes count equally

Mutual benefit

A way to benefit from the profits of the entire ecosystem

You decide where to invest

Investors are able to start their own crowd investment funds focused on their intentions


We help entrepreneurs

Connecting entrepreneurs with private individuals that are looking for investments

We cut the middlemen

Cutting the middlemen gives a fair chance to entrepreneurs and startups

Financial services for entrepreneurs

Providing an exchange where entrepreneurs can list their self-generated tokens in order to finance their project

Efficient decentralized structure

  • Blockchain has revolutionized financial transactions
  • It opened a limitless possibility to create decentralized organizations
  • It gives the most efficient way for decision making and lowering costs on a regular basis

Our leverage is the "wisdom of the crowd"

  • Using this proven method is leading to efficient decision making
  • A wealth of data shows that averaging the answers of the crowd often outperformed any individual
  • CrowdWiz combines blockchain technology and crowd wisdom to create real value to the investment process

Buying WIZ Tokens will open the doors to the CrowdWiz world:

1 Investment eco-system where all decisions are made by the crowd

2 Multiple financial services and platforms

3 The sole beneficiary is the crowd

4 No middle men, no institutions, no hefty fees

5 Utilizing the best practices of using the wisdom of crowds

6 Transparent & secure

7 Low barriers to entry, no need of a bank account


We use Wisdom of the crowd

Crowd wisdom

The model is based on the theory that large groups are collectively smarter than individuals, and that even applies to individuals who have expert knowledge on a subject.

Efficient prognostics based on the crowd wisdom

Financial predictions and decisions based on Wisdom of the crowd factor diversity of thought, approaches and opinions gathered from various locations and observations simultaneously, making them a proven effective prognostic tool.

We provide curated deal flow

Besides the risk management aspect, in which investments based on Wisdom of the crowd are less exposed to risk due to the crowd's wisdom canceling individual biases, Wisdom of the crowd ecosystem are an access point to a curated Deal flow.

We use proprietary technology

Krypton Software is our warranty

Our in-house expertise by Krypton Software enables us to deliver a solid technical solution to the market

Proven track record in the fintech industry

Proven track record of building and implementing fintech products in compliance with regulations in Europe, Asia and North America

Secure blockchain platform with the following key features

  •  Downtime system minimization 
  • Cross platform 
  •  Peak performance

Our token utility

Voting rights 

  • Trading on major exchanges 
  • Creation of your own WizFund and perform IFO (Initial Fund Offering)

Token owners are the decision makers 

  • Join WizFunds and participate in IFO 
  • Trade crowd tokens on WizExchange

We have unique ecosystem

WizFund platform

Gives you a turnkey solution to create new crowd wisdom funds


Is a proprietary exchange where new native ecosystem tokens are automatically listed & traded


Is a proprietary dApp store open to third party developers


Is a proprietary voting mechanism enabling decentralized decision making


Is a pipeline of new products, including WizInsurance, WizLending, WizProperty providing further growth opportunities


Is a smart trading algorithm providing an aggregating liquidity solution and optimizing trade execution

We are a secure platform

  • We use HTTPS encryption algorithms and OAuth2 authorization protocol protect communication within the platform
  • User Protection
  • Verification by a third party identity service (WebID)
  • OAuth2 are enabling us to manage different levels of access and permissions
  • Wiz.App uses advanced user verification technologies
  • Sensitive user data is hashed or encrypted
  • Further security solutions will be implemented for full transparency

Scalable platform for a steady growth

  • The CrowdWiz platform is designed to facilitate further growth and scalability sourced both internally and externally
  • We offer WizInsurance, WizLending, WizProperty
  • Full stack of API’s for third party developers
  • UX facilitating the process of mainstream adoption of decentralized funds
  • A perfect environment for synergistic collaboration among all parties


Michael Golod

Co-Founder and CEO

Slavena Savcheva

Co-Founder and BizDev

Martin Parvanov

Trading Product Manager

Stan Kirilov

UI/UX Strategist

Alexander Lvovich

Software Architect


  • Q4 2016


  • Q4 2017


  • Q3 2017


  • Q3 2018

    Contributed - $7.234.387

    Investors - 2473


  • Q4 2018


  • Q1 2018


  • Q3 2018


  • Q1 2019


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH,BTC
Token Info
Token WIZ
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1WIZ=$1
Token Count 40,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-18
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-November-01

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