AllSporter - First decentralised peer-to-peer marketplace,  (ALL)
Token Count
1 ALL = $0.23

What is AllSporter?

  • A marketplace for sports enthusiasts, working in a peer-to-peer model.
  • A possibility to share sports gear or book trainings, with a practical application of blockchain.
  • An instant access to sports equipment and trainings around the world.
  • An ecosystem for a blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange model, with tokens circulating between users as a currency, making ICO a springboard for future growth.

What do we want to change?

  • Lower the price of the training by eliminating the middlemen - the value stays in the community.
  • Give an opportunity to earn money by renting out sports equipment.
  • Make it possible to find sports equipment easily around the world.
  • Address problems, discovered through a cooperation with athletes, trainers and sport experts.
  • Enable seamless access and improve efficiency in the global sports industry.

Win - win solution

AIISporter enables direct connections, decentralising the market, and letting individuals decide on a time, price, and place for the training as well as the equipment.

  • Coins enable commision-free payments
  • Direct connection supports flexibilty
  • Each party can act like a customer, trainer or equipment rentier at once


Michal Polanowski

CEO & Founder - Entrepreneur and Windsurfing World Champion

About As an entrepreneur Between 2009-2015 Michal built Eko Park Group a shareholder of wind and photovoltaic farms, from scratch. The company is operating in a renewable energy sector with initial capital ca. $12M. In period 2014-2017 was in charge of new, industrial and hi-tech waste recycling research group. He managed the team of over 50 people. As a sportsmen Michal Polanowski is also a former World Champion FWC class and actual formula windsurfing European champion. Thanks to his incredible career he was able to build strong sports leaders network around the World.

Adrian Holota

CTO - Owner of software house & multi dev awards winner

About Adrian is an CEO of software company called Panowie Programiści and managing director of Sparing Interactive. Over 100 projects completed, including large brands such as Spotify, Samsung, Phillips, Microsoft and Procter & Gamble. During career he wins more than a few industry awards, including - Innovation, CSS Reel, CSS Light. Team Leader managing team of 20 savvy devs that are not afraid to undertake innovative projects, among 360 technology, VR apps, AR, and machine learning. In AllSporter responsible for app & web constant improvement and managing dev team

Piotr Lodzinski

CMO - Former Head of Marketing at Quiksilver Poland

About 8 years of experience as head of marketing at Quiksilver / Roxy / DC Poland. 2 years as head of social dep. in Ph.D. Media Direction Warsaw. In AllSporter Piotr supervises the development department to ensure constant product improvement and reaching company business goals.

Mateusz Pniewski

Blockchain Expert - Former Rocket Internet SE and fintech N26

About Formerly worked for Rocket Internet AH and fintech N26. Double degree Cambridge alumni. Mateusz excellence in all applicable fields of tech in blockchain is huge advantage for AllSporter. Mateusz is responsible for development of smart contract, token structure and development of ASC online wallet

Przemyslaw Rzad

Blockchain Developer

About I've been creating Smart Contracts for over half a year now. I've created the Smart Contract for ThinkCoin ICO and am working on two others at this moment. Gained experience in telecommunication company in Poland and a finance one in the United Kingdom makes for a brilliant base to writing safe Smart Contracts and exhaustive tests for them. Interesting fact: I know how to and love dancing the Bachata.


  • Q4 2018

    development/scaling/growth of AllSporter platformin Central Eastern Europe

  • Q4 2018

    Launch of IN-streamtraining platform

  • Q1 2019

    Coin Wallet development and implementation in allsporter & launch of side chain

    Research of expansion markets

  • Q2 2019

    Introduction of AllSporter software for event organizers

    Expansion to the Asian market and implementation of big data tools

  • Q4 2019

    Expansion to the United States of America

  • Q1 2020

    Expansion to Western European market & Pacifc

  • Q4 2020

    Market expansion worldwide

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Country Scotland
Hardcap $19,000,000 USD
Softcap $2,850,000 USD
Token ALL
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ALL = $0.23
Token Count 260,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-September-19
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-October-08
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-09
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-07

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AllSporter - First decentralised peer-to-peer marketplace, (ALL)

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