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1 INX = 0.80 GBP

Problems Investx Solves

Access to new asset class

Problem: Investments into SME’s are difficult to access outside of angel investor networks, venture capital or private equity firms.

Solution: We are opening up a currently inaccessible asset class at discounted costs.

Liquidity for illiquid investments

Problem:There is no open secondary market, making selling SME shares complex and expensive and often impossible until the business is sold

Solution: Our blockchain powered secondary share market will provide liquidity to an illiquid market.

Established, stable businesses

Problem: Crowdfunding platforms only focus on riskier start-ups and early-stage businesses.

Solution: Our focus on stable, growing businesses means greater opportunities for immediate and stable long-term returns.

Cost effective crowdfunding

Problem: Crowdfunding platforms are expensive (7% plus payment processing fees) and have a limited investor base.

Solution: Investx-issued security tokens for every fundraise make transacting deals fast and cost efficient meaning lower fees for businesses and investors.

Extensive product range

Problem: Crowdfunding platforms offer only minority interests and a limited range of deal types.

Solution: Investx will transact a wide range of deals from minority growth capital to full shareholder exists.

Simplified value chain

Problem: Accurately valuing and selling shares in SME’s is complex and expensive, requiring corporate financiers, accountants and lawyers.

Solution: Our successful track record in the SME market, our use of smart contracts and our easy to use platform will attract SME’s and global investors.

The Investx Solution

Powered by INX

Investx Tokens (INX) are a reserve backed cryptocurrency used for investing in SME businesses. Using INX to pay for shares reduces transaction & legal costs while making available attractive investment opportunities currently inaccessible to most investors.

INX offers a complete investment cycle within the blockchain

The Investx platform allows crypto investors and holders to purchase shares in stable businesses, be paid any dividends and sell their shares all without using fiat on- or off-ramps.

Stable Token Value with Upwards Pressure

Value-stable does not mean static - it means less volatile. Every deal transacted on the Investx platform can have a positive effect on the value of INX tokens whilst retaining real-world purchasing power of INX.

Market Landscape

Investx is addressing fundamental gaps in the equity fundraising market by creating crowdfunding products that simply don’t exist. Our products will cut across Equity Capital, Lending and Merger & Acquisition Markets taking a slice out of all of them.

Best of both worlds

Types of Businesses: Funding Circle, the debt crowdfunding platform most closely aligns with the type of businesses we will target. They funded an impressive £1.26bn into businesses in 2017 alone.

Types of Product: Like Crowdcube and Seedrs we will target equity raises, however our product range is much wider and aimed at more mature businesses.

Why Contribute to Investx?

INX tokens are Reserve Backed

INX is a reserve backed means of exchange for shares in SME businesses. INX tokens will be used as payment for shares in businesses on the Investx platform. Our unique mechanism for providing liquidity for reserve backing ensures real-world purchasing power keeps up with token value increase.

Currency Design Innovation

A payment token backed by real assets and reduced transaction costs. Stable but appreciating, the INX ecosystem is designed to expand and contract based on supply and demand.

Share in Investx’s Future

At platform launch 10% of the shares of Investx will be listed on it. Any investors will have the option to invest in Investx, and INX holders can use their INX tokens to obtain to early access.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulated in the UK and European Union, targeted Globally: Investx has already engaged with leading financial regulatory experts and legal advisors to ensure that our marketing, platform functionality, internal processes, due diligence processes and credit assessments will be 100% compliant with the necessary regulations.

Founding Team Strength

The Investx team has demonstrable experience in targeting, acquiring, growing and selling both UK and European businesses. Our core team and advisors are listed in the Team section below, containing links to LinkedIn profiles. Investx has closely partnered with bespoke software and platform developers Equal Experts to develop the Investx platform, our smart contracts and the infrastructure to deliver them. We have selected global top 10 law firm CMS Cameron McKenna Olswang Nabarro LLP as our advisors on all legal and financial regulatory work.

Why Blockchain?

The INX token facilitates use of the Investx platform, and by using blockchain technology it offers the following advantages over traditional crowdfunding and investor-to-investor share transfers:

  • The use of INX tokens allows our dynamic currency supply model to be implemented - minting and burning with controlled authorisations according to deal funding, dividends and company sale payouts. This ensures reserve backing is maintained.
  • Powered by the Ethereum blockchain using security tokens for automated legal contract execution, fundraising, share registry, dividend and exit payments.
  • A real-time up to date ledger of every company’s shareholders will be maintained without reliance on manual reporting or trust in central software. This provides an autonomous mechanism to pay dividends and exit profits directly to investors.
  • The use of INX tokens allows Investx to transact a high volume of deals with speed and costs traditional crowdfunders cannot achieve.
  • Having INX tokens already distributed and marketed creates an engaged global investor pool primed to commit to investment opportunities and long term engagement.
  • INX smart contracts facilitate the development of a blockchain-powered secondary market for investors to trade shares with one another.


Peter Edgar

CEO & Co-founder

A highly motivated, ambitious and dynamic professional with demonstrable success in all areas of finance and due diligence, Peter graduated in Mathematics then excelled as a financial auditor, developing a keen eye for detail and an analytical mind right from the beginning of his career. He qualified in accountancy in 2004 with subsequent industry experience leading teams within start-ups, SMEs and PLCs. As Investx Ltd Co-Founder and CEO, Peter has delivered over $25m in value to equity holders and is a Non-Executive Director for 3 SME’s. Current role: Chief Executive Officer at Investx Ltd Previous roles: Chief Finance Officer at Investx Ltd, Chief Finance Officer at Oxalis Group Ltd, UK Financial Controller at EDI plc

Dave Hewett

CTO & Co-Founder

With over twenty years of experience working in techno-managerial roles and having graduated in Finance & Business Law, Dave is passionate about fintech and currently works for one of the most exciting and fastest growing technology consultancies, Equal Experts. As a member of their leadership team he helps organisations deliver large-scale change programmes in the newly emerging digital domain. Dave leads large teams that cut across the IT domain including development, support, environments and architecture, and is heavily involved with IT strategy and transformation. Current roles: CTO at Investx Ltd, Partner at Equal Experts Previous roles: Delivery Manager at RWE Trading, Development Manager at EON Energy Trading

Leon Sloyan

Chief Commercial Officer

Leon is an experienced SME banking professional with a strong business development focus, and well networked within UK SME businesses, brokers and corporate financiers. He was awarded the top performing Commercial Manager at HSBC in the Midlands, 3 years in a row, and later at Santander was finalist for the UK regional ‘Professional of the Year’ on 2 separate occasions. Leon has worked at Investx since July 2016. Current role: Chief Commercial Officer at Investx Ltd Previous roles: Investment Director at Investx Ltd, Relationship Director at Santander UK Plc, International Commercial Manager at HSBC

Richard Chambers

Chief Operating Officer

Richard is an experienced banking and finance professional who has operated in the corporate finance and private equity markets since 2004. He has worked with a wide range of companies, management teams and private equity houses to structure tailored finance packages which have supported business growth and value creation for all stakeholders. He has a broad experience base across Corporate Finance, Leveraged Finance, Private Equity, Accounting, Legal Documentation and Transaction Management. He has a BSc in Economics from the University of York and a BSc in Banking and Finance. Current role: Chief Operating Officer at Investx Ltd Previous roles: Director, Corporate Finance Transactions Team at Royal Bank of Scotland, Relationship Director, Leveraged Finance at HSBC, Senior Associate Director, Leveraged Finance / Mid-Market Financial Sponsors at HSBC

Andy Gray

Blockchain & Smart Contract Consultant

A Senior Developer with over 20 years of commercial experience developing IT systems. Now focusing primarily on emerging Blockchain technologies, Andy consults with businesses on blockchain implementation, smart contract writing, and ICO strategy. An expert in Lean and Agile management Andy brings vast real-world experience of applying technology to enhance business processes and customer experience as well as being at the forefront of emerging blockchain technologies. Current roles: Co-founder at Blockchain Manchester, Co-founder at, Associate at Equal Experts Previous roles: DApp/Solidity Developer at Barclaycard, Full-stack Developer at Globility Ltd.


  • 2015 to 2017

    Investx acquired, funded and achieved

    growth for 6 UK manufacturing SME's

  • October 2017

    Blockchain business model ideation

    begins - detailed market analysis,

    research & concepts

  • December 2017

    Core team formation

  • January 2018

    Project scope and advisor consultations

    Software partner and blockchain firms engaged

  • February 2018

    Whitepaper drafted

  • March 2018

    Detailed Legal and Regulatory review

    including business model feedback

    ICO website and smart contract development

  • August 2018

    Final legal and regulatory review of whitepaper in preparation for general release

  • November 2018

    ICO pre-sale begins

  • June 2019

    Alpha platform site (1-5 raises)

    Enhanced Investor on-boarding

    Investment Deal Listing

    Investor Portal Launched

  • August 2019

    Beta platform (6-50 raises/month)

    Improved functionality and user experience

    Pitch Manager

  • October 2019

    Investx Ltd. to receive UK FCA authorisation

  • December 2019

    Complete platform v1 (50 raises/month)

    Integrated investor engagement, broker and partner portals

  • January 2020

    Broker Portal

    Fiat & additional crypto support

  • May 2020

    Secondary market launch

  • June 2020

    First EU SME market launched

  • August 2020

    Second EU SME market launch and entry into wider markets

  • September 2020

    Further EU market launches

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Country UK
Hardcap £25,000,000
Softcap £7,500,000
Token INX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 INX = 0.80 GBP
Token Count 34,375,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-November-01
Pre-Sale End Date 2019-January-07
Crowd Sale Start Date 2019-January-15
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-February-28

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