Token Count
1 FIT = $0.01

How does the platform work?

We use cutting-edge technology, which helps us keep process costs low enough to increase profits.


"A person applies for a loan at the loan originator. After verification and risk assessment he or she receives a loan for a period of 1-12 months."


"The person makes monthly repayments consisting of an interest rate and repayment of the original amount."


"Fast Invest services the loans and receives regular instalments from the borrower. The received payment instalment is divided proportionally according to the amount invested in that particular loan."


"How to become Fast Invest marketplace investor?

1. Fill in the investor's registration form.

2. Transfer money to your investor's account.

3. Choose a loan to invest in.

4. Approve your investment in the review menu."


“As soon as the borrower whose loan you have invested in repays the loan, you will start receiving payments of both the principal sum and the interest for that investment period. Funds will be automatically transferred to your Fast Invest account. You can reinvest those funds in any other available loan or request a payout directly to your bank account. For each loan, the instalment repayment dates have been set so that the investor will receive money in his/her Fast Invest account according to the regularity of the payments made by each particular borrower.”

We offer  the best options  on the web

No Fees

There are no fees for registering your investor account. No credit card information is required. No annual account or administrative fees. On top of all that, we will exchange your currency for free.

BuyBack Guarantee

Our BuyBack Guarantee is one of the most important tools there is. No secondary markets, no stress. If you decide to stop investing at any time, we will buy back your investment in one day. Other P2P lending systems will do nothing more than suggest you put your loan on sale and wait until somebody buys it. These payments will be marked with the logo BuyBack.

Default Guarantee

If a borrower is ever late on his or her scheduled loan payment, we will offset that payment, making sure our customers' investments are safe. If a payment instalment is overdue for 3 days or more, our Default Guarantee will settle any amount in arrears. You will still earn funds from the principal sum and the investment period. These payments will be marked with the shield logo Default Guarantee.

No Limitation

Fast Invest stands out from competitors because it has the lowest entry point. You can start investing with as little as only 1 Euro! No rush, no stress and no risk. Try it. There are no limitations as of how much money you can invest in our platform.

Offering  accounts in  different  currencies

Being on the cutting edge of FinTech technologies, we offer our multi-currency accounts. Designed for an international lifestyle, our multicurrency accounts, investments and currency exchange solutions make it easy for you to manage your investment in different currencies while you’re living abroad or traveling

Operation world map. Bold steps to reach the world

We are supported by innovation and high levels of transactional dynamism. To this, we add our knowledge, tools and a practical approach to delivering safe and reliable passive income.

We Work Together

In the quickly-evolving global business ecosystem, our company is privileged to work with the web's finest.

Passionate, young, striving for perfection our partners bring a unique element to our corporation.

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How to begin investing with our marketplace?


Register for a free account

To start investing using the Fast Invest platform, you need to register for a free user account. Registration is incredibly simple; it should take you no more than 5 min.


Add funds to your Fast Invest account

Once you have created your user account, you can now add as much or as little money to your account as you would like via bank transfer.


Invest in a Loan from the Loan List

After you have created your account, your identity has been verified and you have added funds, you can start searching for the loan; which suits your preference. After looking at all the choices that match your interest, click invest and follow the prompts.


Grow Your Passive Income

Each month you will receive payments to your Fast Invest account consisting of principal and interest payments.

Our platform explained in simple terms


A person applies for a loan from a loan originator, preparing all the necessary documents and filling in the appropriate forms. The loan originator then checks his/her credit score, evaluates the risk and grants the loan


Credit institutions provide certified loans for investment. Fast Invest's Compliance and Credit Risk Department approves the creditor's conditions and puts them on our Loan List.


A borrower makes monthly repayments according to the terms of the credit agreement and the payment schedule. 

Payment instalments are divided proportionally among investors according to the amount invested in that particular loan.


As soon as the borrower whose loan you have invested in repays the loan, you will start receiving payments of both the principal sum and the interest for that investment period. 

Funds are automatically transferred to your Fast Invest account. You can reinvest those funds in any other available loan using the Auto Invest tool.


Ina Mosiejauskaite 

Chief Analytics Manager

This incredible girl manages all the processes behind the operation of our company. Nothing gets past her eagle-eye.


Account Coordinator

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Lina is part of our extensive accounting team. She handles requests from our partners and demands from our financial officers. 


Financial Officer

She is full of joy and optimism. Ramute is a reliable and strict person. She loves managing finances and does it quite well too.


Financial Analyst

He is a master guru at numbers. His beneficial recommendations he got from analyzing and interpreting data and making comparative analyses let us grow rapidly.



Stylish and always ready for new challenge. Kotryna manages all the reports and analysis with a creative twist. She is the most communicative person in our team.


  • 2018 2Q

    Cryptocurrencies introduced.

    Mobile App for Android and iOS.

  • 2018 3Q

    CryptoCurrency Exchange.

  • 2019 1Q

    Crypto Investing Service introduced.

    Hong Kong headquarters opened.

  • 2019 3Q

    Premium Payment Card.

  • 2019 4Q

    Singapore branch.

    Digital Lending Service introduced.

  • 2020 2Q

    North American headquarters.

  • 2020 3Q

    Full scope of Investment solutions.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Token Info
Token FIT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 FIT = $0.01
Token Count 5,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-April-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-April-01

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