Token Count
1 JOYS = $0.05

Joys is a service provider for payment settlements in virtually any cryptocurrency or tokens when purchasing products and services lawful in any jurisdiction.

We work with any crypto currencies

Pay for purchases or accept payment in any crypto currency

Ready-made POS solutions for retail

We created an open API and built it into the widespread POS systems used by the sellers of goods and services in the CIS and Europe

Wide network of partners

Cash registers with Joys on board are currently used in 30 countries. 25% of POS systems in Russia, 10% in other CIS countries, 50% gas stations in Germany are already equipped with Joys module. We partner with Evotor, Shtrih-M, Scheidt & Bachmann, Micros, and many other vendors.

Payments are credited to your bank account

The service automatically converts cryptocurrencies into fiat money

Easy integration

We give access to our API and provide technical support

No legal risks

Joys utilizes legal loyalty programs, prepaid card and gift card mechanisms, as well as digital coupon circulation technology

Project values

Joys allows settling payments between Joys system participants and online or retail stores on the legal basis. We connect blockchain projects to the platform and provide integration with POS systems at sales points. This saves project teams that would like their cryptocurrency or tokens to be accepted in stores eliminates the trouble of complex, time-consuming and costly integration with POS systems.

We design Joys as a tool of convergence between conventional monetary system and the new blockchain-based system to boost economy effectiveness. We expand application of cryptocurrency of any blockchain project at retail stores and service companies; this way, we involve classical retail into blockchain community and add value to both cryptocurrencies in general and currencies of projects connected to Joys independently.

For blockchain

We promote the evolution of money

We help real and digital economies to reach synergy gradually, effectively and attractively for consumers, business and government.

We increase the attractiveness of blockchain projects

We expand application area of any blockchain project’s cryptocurrencies by affording an opportunity to pay for products and services using tokens.

We expand the blockchain community

We make it possible to utilize the blockchain technology in project solutions, or use the Joys project’s cryptocurrency in projects where a proprietary cryptocurrency is needed but not yet implemented.

Creating infrastructure

We seek to integrate Joys into every cash register in the world to enable direct operation between any projects and cash registers, sellers or buyers. We afford an opportunity to acquire purchase statistics worldwide.

For retail

We help attract buyers

With our help, sellers of goods and services attract new customers who already use crypto money and increase sales. Today it's millions, tomorrow - billions of customers.

We make possible saving time and money

Classic retail can join the blockchain economy without capital investment and without the cost of ownership of the technology. No installation of additional hardware or software is required.

We protect from unnecessary risk

Joys uses technologies that ensure the legal purity of using crypto currencies for sales in different countries.

We provide marketing tools

Thanks to Joys marketing tools, retail will increase revenue from repeated sales and the frequency of purchases, as well as expand the list of products and services sold to one buyer.

For the buyer

We expand the cryptocurrency application

People can use the Joys platform to pay for real conventional store purchases with any liquid digital money or tokens.

Cheaper and faster purchasing

Joys payment service makes products and service acquisition easier, faster and cheaper for cryptocurrency and token owners.

How it works

For blockchain projects with proprietary tokens or cryptocurrency

Projects which have their own cryptocurrency may provide the opportunity to use it at any store connected to the system. If Joys integration is in place, the project’s cryptocurrency may be used for payments. This also applies to the projects which have bonuses, a game, or an internal currency. We approach each integration individually and consider if the project has its own cryptocurrency or tokens, whether it is listed at stock exchanges, is private, etc. For this purpose, we provide Joys API access, application or website widgets, and help integrate them into the project.

For stores

We perform integration into POS systems in a way that supports conventional sales business logic, so there is no need to install new POS software or hardware. When new cryptocurrencies emerge, Joys provides an opportunity to keep legacy POS systems integration solutions. To get started with Joys, it is only required to have the latest version of cash register software, conclude a contract with Joys and activate the cash register’s digital signature.

For buyers

In countries where payments with cryptocurrencies in stores are prohibited, we offer two processing options: use loyalty points to make partial payments for purchases (this option has been up and running), or use prepaid cards and digital coupons to make full payments for purchases (this option is currently being tested). To start using Joys, you only need to install the Joys Wallet app, open settlement wallets and deposit the cryptocurrency you intend to use for purchase payments.

Information about cryptocurrency JOYS

JOYS description

JOYS internal cryptocurrency acts as a utility - an accounting unit for user actions, miners' remuneration and transaction fee payment tool. Using JOYS in each payment helps create a consolidated distributed payment and cheque register in the Joys blockchain, even though buyers use different cryptocurrencies in their payments. The buyer and purchase location information (the wallet addresses), as well as cheque’s content are recorded in the Joys blockchain, which enables consumer demand analysis and in-depth study, as well as sales and other analytical studies.


JOYS bears the hallmarks of utility tokens and does not imply being used for company management, voting or profit distribution.

Joys does not act as an independent seller of any products or services, or as a provider of currency exchange services.

Performing ICO

We use JOYS cryptocurrency to raise funds needed to ensure complete project implementation - from a valid prototype to commercial deployment in various countries. Issuing JOYS gives everyone an opportunity to use all project’s services.

Initial allocation of JOYS

Creating the blockchain network, 10,000,000,000 (ten billion) JOYS were issued.

Total will be placed on the stock exchange 5`500`000`000 (five and a half billion) JOYS, which is 55% of the emission. Of these, 500,000,000 (five hundred million) to the Private Round, 1`500`000`000 (one and a half billion) to pre-ICO, and 3`500`000`000 (three and a half billion) to ICO.

2`800`000`000 (two billion eight hundred million) JOYS - 28% are reserved for partner-projects and will be issued in accordance with the decision of a specially created expert council. The Board is headed by the Joys CEO, who personally approves and bears responsibility for monitoring targeted use of the JOYS coins allocated to projects. The reserved JOYS will be allocated for the development and joint promotion of Joys with projects of the partners in the following areas:

  • 5% in finance;
  • 5% in e-commerce, recommendation services;
  • 5% in social networks;
  • 5% in media, content;
  • 8% in the Internet of things.

The remaining 1`700`000`000 (one billion seven hundred million), precisely, 17% of the JOYS issue, will be distributed to the bounty program 200`000`000 (two hundred million, 2%) JOYS and the project team 1`500`000` 000 (one billion five hundred million) JOYS.

The JOYS intended for the project team are stored in the project wallets and will be distributed to the team members within two years of the smart contract after the completion of the ICO, taking into account the success and goals identified in Roadmap and White Paper under the guidance of our escrow agent Andrey Grachev, Vice President of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

The volume of JOYS that have not been distributed over the previous rounds will be transferred to the next ICO round at the price of the following round. The JOYS coins that had not been distributed by the time all ICO rounds are complete will be transferred to the project team’s fund and utilized to attract and motivate new team members.


Andrey Mikhaylishin


Businessman, co-founder of a number of projects: DiscountMobile, Dinect, MUVIS. – 2004 - graduated from the post-graduate course of the SB RAS, specializing in "Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes". – From 2006 to 2009 - supervised the technical departments of several engineering companies. – 2009 - co-founded of DiscountMobile. – Since 2014 - the head of the company Dinect.

Sergey Zhdanov


An experienced professional in the field of distributed network solutions, a programmer and an accountant. – Up to 2004 - supported the software in various state and private organizations. – 2006 - developed his own software for pharmacies. In 2007 he founded an automated pharmacy inquiry service and managed. – Since 2009 - co-founder and technical director of DiscountMobile. – Since 2014 - technical director of the company Dinect. – In 2015 he created a private block network and a prototype of a multiplatform purse for it.

Vladimir Tolmachev


A financier with 17-year experience, a professional in the payment market and services. The co-founder of the project of the non-card payment system Sendy. – 2004 - graduated from the Russian Economic Plekhanov Academy specializing in "Finance and Credit", specialty "Economist". – 2013 - co-founded and developed the payment system DIPAY, license of the Central Bank of 0035 dated September 30, 2014 (later rebranded as Sendy).

Alexander Shamyan


Businessman, experience in financial sphere since 2004: for this time has passed through the way from the expert of banking to the director of the financial company. Since 2014 he has been engaged in financial consulting, during his time in the financial sector he has attracted more than 2.5 billion rubles to various projects.

Ivan Krechetov


A financier with 17 years of experience, since 2004 has been working as a financial director in large holding structures. For 6 years he led the financial function teams up to 25 people in the position of the holding company's financial director with an annual turnover of $ 125 million.


  • August 2017

    T3 development for the creation of Joys system

    Development of crypto-cluster

  • September 2017

    API Joys v1.5 development (static QR)

    Integration of the first project with Joys (Rate & Goods)

  • November 2017

    Integration of API Joys v1.5 into POS

  • December 2017

    Wallet v1.0 Joys

    miniPOS Joys for smartphones

  • January 2018

    Application Reticule for minors of the cryptocurrency JOYS

    Pool for JOYS crypto currency miners (

    JOYS Investor's Office

    JOYS application for cloud POS Evotor

  • February 2018

    API Joys v2.0 development (dynamic QR)

  • April 2018

    Wallet v2.0 Joys

  • July 2018

    JOYS will be displayed on the stock-exchange

    Development of marketing mechanics

  • August 2018

    Integration of API Joys v2.0 into POS Russia and CIS

  • September 2018

    Integration of API Joy’s v2.0 into POS EEC.

  • October 2018

    Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS South-East Asia

  • November 2018

    Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS Latin America

  • December 2018

    Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS North America

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, BTH, LTC
Token Info
Country Russia
Hardcap $50,000,000 USD
Softcap $5,000,000 USD
Token JOYS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 JOYS = $0.05
Token Count 10,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-16
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-May-31
Crowd Sale Start Date 2019-January-10
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-April-10

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