Token Count
1 INFLR = 0.00025 ETH

Inflr is focused on creating digital marketing solutions using the latest technology for micro-influencers. We believe that all micro-influencers should have the opportunity to participate in an exchange that stimulates the creation of high-quality advertising content and allows digital influencers to be compensated for the true value of their influence


A new strategic concept for influence marketing

With the advent of internet and digital media, passive consumers have become active participants. Numerous interactions became possible, from opinions expressed through tweets, to participation in live streams sponsored by brands.

As a consequence of these new digital tools, the forms of communication have been diversified. Common users are no longer just the receivers of messages from master platforms - they have become content producers, allowing rapid scalability and an increased range of messages.

Influencers have become the new celebrities

Influencers, because of the way they appear on the market, without pretense, without obligation or adherence to any format, are better able to express themselves and have a more natural relationship with the audience by making spontaneity a main characteristic. They have a strong identification with the audience and share common personality traits, opinions, behaviors and attitudes with niche consumers. This makes influencers experts in communicating with a specific audience.

Why use influencers to advertise your business?

Influencers have greater visibility in social networks, a stronger, more focused presence compared to celebrities. This focused presence offers a greater advantage in the distribution of the message, and achieves greater speed and scalability of the actions they perform. With a more rapid, intense impact on their audiences, ad campaigns are able to reach tens of thousands of likes (interactions) in a few hours.

The size of the influencers market

From the decline of traditional TV and the growth of social media has given rise to influencer marketing, making it the fastest growing category in advertising and projected to be a US$5-10 billion market by 2020.

Inflr Platform

Inflr has created the first platform that connects advertisers to influencers within a marketplace using blockchain technology. With Inflr, advertisers can promote their products and services using the influence of social network users.

Remuneration for influencers

Influencers may choose to be compensated with local currency or Inflr Coin. If the influencer chooses to redeem their payment in local currency, payment will be made within 48 hours. Payments redeemed as Inflr Coin will be immediately processed, creating an extra incentive for the use of Inflr Coin.

Inflr Score

One of the biggest challenges of influence marketing is determining a coherent value for influencer remuneration that matches their actual engagement in social networks. Inflr Score is a number from 0 to 100 that represents the proven engagement of an influencer with his/her followers. This score is used to assign a monetary value to the posts of the influencer on each social network and is publicly audited within Inflr Syncores.

Smart Contracts e transactions

In order to formalize the contract between the brand and the influencer, it is necessary that many legal aspects are defined, such as: the delimitation of services and contents, remuneration and payment, image and intellectual property rights, and the obligation to comply of the applicable legislation. The development and fulfillment of all these details for the implementation of each influencer campaign is a time-consuming and costly process. On the Inflr Platform, all these formal aspects are considered in the creation of automated smart contracts.

A comprehensive solution for advertisers

Inflr provides advertisers a complete profile and analysis of the engagement of influencers in their social networks, as well as the impact and coverage of their audience, facilitating their selection of influencers. The platform has several payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, Inflr Coin and the post-paid model.

For Influencers

When registering using your social networks, Inflr calculates how much your influence is worthy to post, take pictures, make videos, and other activities.

For Advertisers

In Inflr platform, influencers count on a 100% automated and smart campaign management.

Models of Use and Utility of Tokens

Inflr Coin plays a key role within the Inflr ecosystem and is designed to balance the interests of all tokenowners, creating incentives for everyone to actively participate in the token economy.

With Inflr Coin, you will be able to access various services and perks within the Inflr Platform and onvarious third-party applications that will be developed using the Inflr API.

 Stacking Model For Advertisers

By purchasing Inflr tokens, advertisers will have exclusive access to the platform and influencer data. It is critical that advertisers be an Inflr Coin token holder in order to secure a “seat” (the right to use the platform) for a specified period of time.

The “seat” offers different levels of access to the functionality of the platform depending on the amount of Inflr Coin held that is, the more Inflr Coin the advertiser has, the more features and benefits will be available.

For Influencer

Influencers that choose to use Inflr Coin will have access to different levels of benefits, including:

Additional functions

In addition to receiving invitations to participate in campaigns, the influencers who are also token holders can also actively participate by contacting the brands to submit advertising and copyright suggestions.

Early access to the platform

In order to use the platform, the influencer needs to have a minimum number of followers in each social network. However, if the influencer does not have the minimum number of followers, he can pay for early access by acquiring the required amount of Inflr Coin.

Payment Model

Payment for services on the platform

Infr Coin as a means of payment will allow the direct transfer of tokens, making financial management more flexible. It will also provide several benefits to the advertiser, such as tax exemption and reduced taxes on campaign fees.


Tiago Mateus


Bruno Niro


Thiago Cavalcante


Felipe Bolonhani

Senior Developer

Deborah Ramiris

Art Director


  • 2015

    Vinta company starts Inflr platform development

  • 2016

    Beginning of Inflr development with internal team

  • 2017

    Launch of Inflr MVP for partner advertising agencies

  • 2018September

    Beta version of platform developed, fully functional and with limited access for some customers to test

  • 2018November

    Inflr Version 1.0 released in Brazilian market

  • 2019February

    Development of token integration and smart contracts on the Inflr platform begins

  • 2019April

    Release of native apps on iOS and Android

  • 2019May

    Completion of token and smart contract integration

  • 2019August

    Creation of the office in the United States and expansion of services to the North American market

  • 2019October

    Development of new functionalities on Inflr

  • 2020March

    Construction of the 1st Inflr Hub in Sao Paulo, Brazil begins

  • 2020July

    Development of new functionalities on Inflr

  • 2021 January

    Construction of the office in England

  • 2021March

    Inflr Platform expands services globally

  • 2021 July

    Development of new functionalities on Inflr

  • 2021October

    Construction of new Inflr Hub in United States

  • 2022 January

    Construction of the office in Japan

  • 2022 May

    Development of new functionalities on Inflr.

  • 2022 August

    Construction of new Inflr Hub in England

  • 2022 November

    Construction of Inflr new Hub in Japan

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, Fiat
Token Info
Country Cayman Islands
Hardcap 25,200 ETH
Softcap 2,000 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 INFLR = 0.00025 ETH
Token Count 400,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-August-20
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-November-30
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-December-10
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-February-11

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Inflr - Platform That Connects Advertisers To Influencers(INFLR)

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