Token Count
1 PARK = 0.5 $


We are a young, innovative company driven by the passion for technology and customer satisfaction. We believe that the sharing economy can help cities become friendlier, cleaner and happier for everyone.

Improved Parking Solutions

  • PARKRES let customer Find and Reserve parking spot on the click of a button
  • PARKRES will help reduce traffic situations in downtown, hospitals and airports etc.
  • PARKRES will help reducing fuel consumption and protecting environment.
  • PARKRES system give smart notifications to customers, which provides real time alerts of all available parking spots and location around them.
  • Easy mode of payment via PARKRES tokens and FIAT currency.
  • Discounted parking rates with PARK tokens.
  • Dividend plans for dividend token holders
  • PARKRES let user register their open/free parking spot on PARKRES ecosystem and monetize their free space. Its like parking Airbnb

Challenges With Parking

Non User-Centric Design

Customer have to circle around parking in search of an open space, which results in significant loss of time, and energy in time sensitive situations.

Unmanaged and Unmonitored

Inefficient management and monitoring systems leading to waste of valuable time and fuel.

Payment takes too long

Long waiting queues for parking payment due to limited and inefficient payment consoles and technical problem.

Traffic Problems and Anti-ecological

Traffic issues due to secondary parking traffic in city centres. Unnecessary use of fuel causing environmental problems.


PARKRES solves all of these problems by state of the art sensory network to track and manage parking spots across the city and different parking locations. It employs IoT (Internet of Things) based sensory network to track and monitor the parking spots across different parking location and suggest you a parking spot closest to your destination in advance.

PARKRES also let you find and reserve your parking spot, so you don’t lose it when you reach your destinations.

PARKRES Network Components

Parking Cluster

It’s a mesh of multiple parking facilities across a city. Each city is divided into a cluster. Similarly there will be multiple clusters for different cities. Each cluster will talk to a dedicated gateway and network server. These parking clusters will be equipped with IoT sensors and transponder network, which communicates parking spot change events to gateway.

Parking Console

It’s a electronic device that would read Universal Identification Number from user’s device. UIN will be in the form of a QR code. User’s PARK wallet address will serve as their UIN on Parkres network. Parking Console will scan the UIN and presents a touch screen with available parking spot for selection and reservation. Once User selects a spot, a transaction will be triggered to contract on blockchain.


Data center will be hosted on cloud. It will store the metadata and transactional data received from different gateway modules and software components. Data is stored and read from cloud via big data, queryplex framework. This will serve as a source for Business Analytics and Telemetry for business development and expansion.

Smart Contract

PARK smart contracts, written in solidity, controls the transactions performed during parking reservation. Smart contract will hold the parking charges once the user scans UIN at the parking location or at the start of the reservation slot. When User leaves the parking spot, Sensors activates the network and triggers a confirmation to contract, contract then transfers the amount equivalent to parking time used to PARK wallet and reverses any access amount back to user wallet.

IoT / Sensor Gateway

Gateway is a device, which is capable of receiving all the IoT and Sensor communications. Sensor network from parking facility will communicate the event data to gateway. Gateway then feeds this to network servers in batches.


Adapter is a software component, which provides capability of data transformation, orchestration, data enrichment, data translation, aggregation, routing and data massaging. Different devices on network talking different technologies can communicate through adapter.


Devices can be mobiles devices like iPhone, Samsung etc. or Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, which will allow users to perform parking discovery, reservations and required transactions.

Network Servers

Network Servers receives the data and events from different systems in the network and store them over to cloud. They form the backbone of the ecosystem. Every data transaction directly or indirectly goes through Network Servers.

                                        Token Sale Details

The PARKRES is conducting a crowdsale to raise funds for its platform development and expansion. The PARK token is an ERC20 compatible utility token that will fuel the PARK platform,

Token Symbol
PARKRES (PARK)                                                                            
Token Standard:
ERC20 (Ethereum)
Tokens Issued:
200,000,000 PARK
Tokens available for ITO:
85,000,000 PARK
May1st to July 15th (Private Sale):
10,000,000 PARK
Aug 15th to Sep 15th (Pre-ITO sale):
20,000,000 PARK
Nov 1st to Nov 30th (Public sale):
55,000,000 PARK

70% bonus - Private sale

15% bonus – Pre-ITO 

10% - Referral Bonus

Token price at launch of sale:
1 PARK = 0.5 USD

                                   Token Allocation

Pre-ITO Sale:
Private Token Sale:
Promotions and Bonuses:
Enterprise Partnerships:
Public Sale:
Cryptoeconomics Reserve:

                               Token Sale Proceedings

PARKRES Platform operations:
Supporing infrastructure and Blockchain projects:
PARKRES Growth:Marketing, Strategic Planning:
Engineering and R&D:



Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Amol has 15+ years of experience in the IT business, Technology and data centre management. An IT entrepreneur, blockchain activist, inventor, author of patent and international patent applications for Decentralized Parking Reservation System. Amol is a serial entrepreneur and business manager with in-depth knowledge of IT, Internet, cloud services, cryptocurrencies, financial & strategic planning, and business valuations. Amol brings in-depth technology and high-level management experience to PARKRES from such companies as Bell Canada, IBM, Enbridge, Aviva UK, Wipro, Citi Bank, and Aviva Canada.


Business Development Manager and Co-Founder

Kavita has 10+ years of experience in complex business analysis, application development and design, and testing automation. She brings her technical and business domain expertise to PARKRES. She has worked with companies like J.P Morgan, Delloite, Amdocs DBCI, Mindtree, and Willis Towers Watson.


Chief Finance Officer

Chief Finance Officer CA, CPA and Tax expert. A well rounded professional with 15+ years of post qualification experience and with continuous educational development from different countries To sharpen the role skills and achieving revenue, profit and business growth objective. Arvind is specialist in International Tax Management and Arbitration, Tax Reporting, and Finance Management.


Full Stack Developer

Maruthi has more than 14 years of experience in development and design of software applications and working with complex architecture. Highly qualified Smart Contract, Front-End, Full-Stack, Database & Mobile applications developer. Maruthi has experience working with organizations like TCS, IBM Canada, ENBRIDGE, BELL Canada for a long time (Toronto, Canada) and other international companies; now he is totally focused on blockchain technologies.


Community Manager

Jincy has over 10 years of experience working in different industry sectors like Mass Media, Software, Hardware, Reality Media, Game shows, Event Management, and everything else out there. Multi talented sums it all. Jincy has a very wide spectrum of extensive work experience in variety of domains and that gives her an edge that we are proud of. Jincy is not scared of taking up challenges, and envision herself working at a place where quality and good work speak the most.


  • Q1 2018

    • Assembling the co-founding team and developing initial idea.
  • Q2 2018

    • Building Development and marketing team, Creating first draft of white paper, Launch of Private Sale for private investors.
  • Q3 2018

    • Internal testing of alpha version- Tokens, Signing initial partners and customers, Releasing of smart contracts, Approching first customers, Start of Pre-ITO Sale event.
  • Q4 2018

    • Completion of croundfunding event, Token distribution, Negotiate Listing on exchanges, Partnership with scalable blockchains.
  • Q2 2019

    • Release of open source SDK Contracts, Building of ecosystem with development community participation, Start of mobile app developments for Android, IOS and web Interface.
  • Q4 2019

    • Launch of Beta mobile apps, Start of Design and development of IOT gateway modules.
  • Q1 2020

    • Launch of Alpha version for mobile apps, Development of IOT gateway modules, Prototype development and test implimentation.
  • Q4 2020

    • Integration of systems, Wallet backend, IOT analytics, Assembly of Parking Reading Consoles.
  • Q3 2021

    • Contract Negotiation with customers, Installation of Reading Consoles, End to End Testing of Consoles and application.
  • Q4 2022

    • Luanch of Phase 1- Product in Canada, North America, Instalation of reading consoles on parking loacations, roadshows and bussiness development.
  • Q2 2023

    • R & D center Canada, India. System improvements and setup of Architecture university. Start of Traffic updates console in PARKRES.
  • Q4 2023

    • Lauch of traffic update feature in PARKRES. Start of LPALMS platform development.
  • Q4 2024

    • Launch of LPALMS platform, to users. Performance tuning and infrastrucure upgrade for PARKRES platform. Roadshows and business devlopment events.
  • Q3 2025

    • R&D Center USA, Phillippines. Integration of Parkres apis into vehical GPS modules, Negotiation of contracts and licensing terms with car manufacturers.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Token Info
Token PARK
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 PARK = 0.5 $
Token Count 200,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-01
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-July-15
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-August-15
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-November-30

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Parkres- Parking Reservation System And PARKRES platform and launch of PARKING future

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