SportsFix - Building the next Generation live streaming platform for Sports Fans! (SFT)
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1 SFT = $0.10

Introducing the next generation live streaming Sports OTT platform built on the block chain.

3 Top 15 Crypto Advisors on ICO Bench advise SportsFix. Advisory board helped raise over 650M USD in ICO Funding

The Problem

  • Nontransparent and convoluted sports content distribution system.
  • Middleman markups and artificial packaging and pricing.
  • Centralized redistribution of revenues & centralized re-distribution system of revenues.
  • Displaced fans have limited accessibility to Live content of their favourite teams.
  • Clubs have little or no direct engagement with their fans.

The Solution

A Decentralized Network of Digital Stadiums

Group Content Bidding

Fanbases can unlock their favourite sports content and product features!

Personalised Fan Experience

Fans can watch their favourite games with a variety of cool features to choose from.

Reduce Cost of Viewership

Unbundling of content to individual games allows fans to only pay for what they watch.

1 on 1 Engagement

Sports clubs can identify, interact with and reward their most active fans in the Digital Stadium.

How It Works

Combining the excitement of live and video on demand sports content with the power of social networking, gamification, predictions and e-commerce, we present to you

Grow your fanbase to unlock special features at each tier!


  • Basic OTT streaming experience
  • Access 1 custom feature
  • Automatically unlocked for digital season passholders


  • Enjoy all Bronze Stadium features
  • Compete with other fans and climb leaderboards
  • Accrue loyalty points and earn SFT
  • Access 2 custom features


  • Enjoy all Silver Stadium features
  • Access 3 custom features


  • Enjoy all Gold Stadium features
  • Unlocks marketplace for users to redeem loyalty points earned
  • Access 4 custom features


  • Digital stadiums endorsed by official clubs
  • Access special club content
  • Independent of Bronze,Silver, Gold and Platinum stadiums.

Why Buy Sportsfix Tokens

Limited Token Supply

Token Generation Event will mint a limited supply of tokens, which preserves their value.

Proven Team With Industry Experience

Founders have 50 years of cumulative experience in the Sports Marketing & Content Industry.

Next Generation OTT Streaming Platform

Digital Stadium offers a premium crowdfunded experience fueled by the SFT economy.

Fancentric STF

Token model designed to reward end users to join and engage with our digital stadium platform.

Dynamic SFT growth model

Through strategic releases of our club growth, sponsorship and micro advertisement models, this will create a steady demand for SFT.

Already Out in the Market

SportsFix OTT streaming platform has a reach of 300M users across the ASEAN market streaming hundred games of each month.


Carl Kirchhoff

Co-Founder & CEO

Carl is Co-founder of SportsFix and EverSport, two leading sports OTT streaming platforms in USA and Asia and intimately familiar with the sports and media industry in all aspects, from content acquisition, distribution, fan-engagement and supporting data analytics.

Marcus Luer

Co-Founder & Chairman

Marcus is a serial entrepreneur and founder of TSA, Branded Real Estate, Glory Kickboxing and SportsFix. He was voted into the top 200 SBI (Sports Business International) team comprising industry leaders over the past 18 years and has been featured on CNBC, BBC News, Bloomberg Asia.

Gunesh Raj


Gunesh is an avid BlockChain Technology enthusiast co-founded Travel Meta search engine SPRICE, a series of start-ups in Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and Spain on USENET, Set Top Boxes and Video Search Engines. He was the Head of Project Delivery in BAE Systems Al and the CTO of GoQuo before joining

Andy Ward

VP Strategy

Andy is an entrepreneur focused on emerging technologies, intellectual property, and novel business models. He co-founded CrowdCart which and Developed executed IP strategy for disruptive e-commerce transaction platforms. He currently leads the strategic initiatives of SportsFix.

Ganesh Nathan

VP Operations

Ganesh is an entrepreneur with prior experience in assurance and consulting at PwC and KPMG. He founded Drinkentrepeneurs Malaysia, Asean's leading networking platform and led strategy at PlantOS before consulting with MAGIC's Ventures and Global Partnerships team. He currently heads business operations at SportsFix.


  • Q2 2018


    OTT Stadium 1.1.

    Live Full HD & DVR.

    Test Net Prototype.

    Smart Contract Developments.

  • Q3 2018


    Digital Stadium.

    Dashboard, Wallet For SF Tokens.

    Sponsorship Model Integration.

  • Q4 2018


    Content Voting.

    Community & Social.

    Live User Commentary.

    Loyalty Program.


  • Q1 2019


    User, Content Analysis Dashboard.

    Micro Advertisement Platform.

    User Generated Content.

  • Q2 2019


    Micro Ads Deep Integration SDK.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Token Info
Country Singapore
Fund Raised $ 1,000.00 K
Hardcap $ 37,200,000 USD
Softcap $ 2,000,000 USD
Token SFT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 SFT = $0.10
Token Count 800,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-August-15
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-15

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