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1 TENZ = $0.023

Tenzorum is the portal to use the web of the future in your devices, today. It allows you to get the full benefits of decentralization without compromising on user-experience or security.

Tenzorum has been designed to onboard the next billion people to the future generation of the decentralized web, bringing seamless Blockchain integrations to applications, games, wallets, exchanges, financial services, identity systems, fund management and more.

As the internet evolved from its early stages of command line functions to user-friendly environments, Tenzorum is the main bridge between the Blockchain infrastructure layer and an accessible ecosystem where any person can use real-world applications and interface freely with decentralized technologies.

Tenzorum consists of a Blockchain framework for user-onboarding powered by a modular multi-signature key management system called IPAS and a permissionless network protocol to reward delegated meta-transactions named TSNN.



What are Meta-Transactions? They are transactions being executed by a third party that covers the gas fees, instead of the user. It means that a wallet, exchange, game or any application can allow people to use their systems without having to own ETH to do anything that touches the Blockchain.

TSNN is a p2p decentralized network composed of Tenzorum Service Nodes that anyone can install on their own desktop to become part of a free financial ecosystem.

A Tenzorum Service Node's job is to relay meta-transactions executing them on behalf of users, setting their own fees in any kind of ERC20 Token and being rewarded in a similar way to mining in TENZ Tokens.

TENZ tokens are minted at a predefined rate as an additional incentive for Service Nodes performing their duties. In exchange, users of the Tenzorum network are able to interact with the Blockchain without owning Ether or other platform-specific tokens.

A new kind of desktop mining.

No extra hardware required. Get TENZ Tokens, set up a node on your desktop and start relaying transactions.

Your mission control.

No technology background required. Easy to setup: Download. Install on your computer. Set it and forget it

Liberate the financial system.

Contribute to a free ecosystem powered by crypto incentives, decentralized communities and open-source code.



IPAS is an open-source framework to provide decentralized access across the web. Tenzorum is actively developing dedicated APIs and SDKs to empower developers with seamless cryptographically secured universal logins, personal multisignature smart contracts and access recovery protocols. So we can together, onboard the next billion people to the Blockchain world

How IPAS creates a better user-experience on the Blockchain?

A simple and secure way to manage all your keys.

Tenzorum is powering a personal decentralized key manager that distributes the ownership of your account across several of your personal devices.

Fear of losing your money? No need.

A Web of Trust for recovery accounts, secured by smart contracts, that verify your ownership in case you lose access to your keys.

Your data. Your rules.

Using public/private key cryptography to establish a Blockchain agnostic framework supporting instant and private access to any kind of digital product.


Moritz Neto

Co-founder & General Manager

Daniel Bar

Co-founder & Chairman

Radek Ostrowski

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Mark Pereira

Full Stack Developer

Sonic Zhang

Global Crypto Partnerships


  • 2018 [Q3 - Q4]

    Expand the core team and focus on Product, Protocols and Community Verticals.  Develop initial strategic partnerships with Exchanges and Dapps and projects.  Proof of Concept V1.0 – Recovery mechanism and secret sharing.

     Fundraising and public Initial Coin Offer.

     Tenzorum Suit initial product releases - Ethereum compatible.

  • 2019 [Q1 – Q2]

    Protocol Fundamental Tasks Development.

     Protocol Architecture Research and Development.

     Tenzorum Suit Releases - Initial Protocol Integrations: Recovery, Storage,


     Design and Experiments for Liberation - Tenzorum Service Node Network.

  • 2019 [Q3 – Q4]


     Experiment Analysis with first group of partners and early adopters.

     Initiate integration studies with high frequency use Dapps – Production


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Hardcap $6,750,000
Token TENZ
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 TENZ = $0.023
Token Count 6,750,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-December-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-January-15

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Tenzorum - Tenzorum Brings Seamless Blockchain Infrastructure to your Applicatio|(TENZ)

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