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1 ALE = 0.000429 ETH

What is Alehub

ALEHUB – is a platform for the IT industry for project management and contractors search.

ALEHUB combines the advantages of distributed registry systems (blockchain) and classic project management services. The selection of contractors (customers and executors), their work management, control and mutual settlements are regulated by multilateral smart contracts of the ALE system, which ensure the safety, reliability and low costs of outsourcing IT professionals.

ALE advantages

ALE vs Other Blockchain Platforms


  • Multilateral smart contracts
  • Participants establish rules
  • Full compliance with the majority of jurisdictions
  • Expansion of the possibilities of a legal economic system
  • Payment by real currency containers
  • Possibility of formal arbitration



  • Interaction rules are predetermined
  • Uncertain legitimacy
  • Substitution of legal economy
  • Payment by high-volatile cryptocurrency

ALE platform

ALE is a construct that modifies and combines the advantages of real and crypto economies to create a fundamentally new ecosystem - the composite economy. ALE reinvents the existing financial and legal structure as more flexible, more congruent to the laws and recognizes values of most countries in identifying financial agents, storing private data, offering liquidity and legality of digital means of payments.

Solved problems

The legal nature of payment.

For mutual settlements ALE uses “containers” containing real currency.Legal  value of the electronic contract.

All contracts concluded within the ALE platform are legally significant due to compliance with national requirements for documents.

Highly volatile means of payment.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, making them an unviable payment method for real business. The system of cash holding “containers” solves this problem.

Contradiction to national and industrial standards.

ALE allows users to choose the rules of interaction within the ALE platform. Therefore, one should act in accordance with the requirements of legislation and business.

The inevitability of fulfilling obligations.

Financial obligations are regulated by smart contracts, through which a trusted environment is formed.

Integrity and unchangeability of documentation.

Confirmed by storage in the blockchain, so documents within the ALE ecosystem are legally guaranteed.

The main distinguishing features of ALE

  • Prompt consensus establishment in the dynamics of the development of the user desires and changing economic conditions.
  • Simple and intuitive products in matters of handling data, functions and parameters at the level of the interactive interface.
  • Eliminate the substitution of existing verification organizations in the world for the full legitimacy of the relationship on the platform.
  • Ensuring commitment and financial reinforcement of multi-party arrangements, by avoiding duality, encouraging irresponsibility and freezing disproportionate amounts of liquidity as collateral.


Mikhail Gromyko

Chief Executive Officer

Vladimir Grudinin

Blockchain Expert

Alexej Osipenko

Executive Director

Ilya Shilov

Chief Technology Officer

Egor Loktev

Project Lead


  • January 2017

    The idea.

  • February - March 2017

    Expertise from specialists in project management. Definition of requirements.

  • April-May 2017

    Mathematical modeling.

  • June - July 2017

    Formation of the Terms of Reference.

  • April 2017

    Partnership with Serokell OU. The beginning of development.

  • November - December 2017


  • May 15, 2018

    Publishing MVP.

  • May-09-2017 - May-25-2018


  • May-25-2018 - July-25-2018


  • July-05-2018 - September-25-2018


  • July-02-2018 - January-01-2019

    Yellow Paper Development.

  • December-01-2018-January-02-2019

    Decentralization of MVP solutions.

  • January-03-2019 - January-01-2019

    Private blockchains.

  • May-01-2018 - January-01-2019

    Implementation of the dispute system.

  • August-01-2019 - January-01-2019

    Implementation of the voting system for changes.

  • October-01-2019 - January-01-2020

    Closed system testing.

  • January-01-2020 - January-02-2020

    Publication of the source code of the system and documentation.

  • January-02-2020 - January-03-2020

    Booting the system.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
Token Info
Token ALE
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ALE = 0.000429 ETH
Token Count 110,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-25
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-June-25
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-July-25
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-24

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Alehub - Welcome to the future of the HR industry

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