Token Count
1 ACN = 0.00025 ETH

Solutions Set to Revolutionise the Automotive Sector

The Auto Block offers a set of unique products including, but not limited to cryptocurrency which won’t just help you in making vehicle transactions safe and fast but will also give full  access to the purchased vehicle’s data, history, and valuations. Providing transparency to the buyer, as well as the seller.

What Makes The Auto Block Stand Out?

We're transforming the way people buy, sell and research cars.

AutoBlock will revolutionise the auto industry and make it transparent so sales and purchases can take place without mishaps.

A car sales portal for car dealers that accept the AutoCoin to advertise their stock free of charge, opening up new markets for them. Initially prestige, performance and classic cars being transacted across the globe using AutoCoin, followed en masse by volume car dealers.

Set to revolutionise used car valuations and vehicle data, Auto Block’s mission is to serve professionals such as insurance companies, car dealers and leasing companies in the motor industry with accurate and easy access to data and valuations. The Blockchain technology used to gather the real-time valuations with the help of live data will result in a rich database of all vehicle specifications which exist throughout the world. The Auto Block’s technology will make it possible for individuals and businesses alike to access information about car data and valuations no matter where they are.

Auto Coin and it's use

Making transactions quicker, easier, and a lot safer

While the Auto Block cryptocurrency has a long list of compelling reasons why you should think about adapting it, here are some which are the most evident.

  • Significantly lower transaction fees – you pay with no add-on bank charges.
  • Security against Identity Theft. No credit card or bank details being stored by 3rd parties.
  • Easy International payments that do not require lengthy and protracted exchange rate considerations.
  • Very highest level of fraud prevention. TheAutoCoin utilises Block Chain technology and ensures that counterfeits and chargebacks are not possible.


Boris Otonicar


Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD

Information & Security Advisor

Dilek Olkun

Community Assistant Manager

Navdeep Garg

Country Head (India)

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Blockchain Advisor


  • Q1- 2017

    • Idea for Auto Block is born.
    • Proof of concept.
    • Ffirst investment received.
  • Q2- 2017

    • Research & Development.
    • Team finalising for the development.
  • Q3- 2017

    • Development Started.
    • Initial private Investment Round.
    • White paper started.
  • Q4- 2017

    • Regional Office Set up (London).
    • Data gathering of over 30+ million.
  • Q1- 2018

    • ICO Planning.
    • Team Hiring.
    • Seed Round Funding.
  • Q2- 2018

    • Blockchain Development.
    • Pre-ICO Sale.
    • e-Wallet.
  • Q3- 2018

    • ICO Launch.
    • Exchange Listing.
    • Mobile App.
    • Services would be live for Members (Alpha Version).
  • Q4- 2018

    • Geographical expansion.
    • Payment system Launch Alpha version.
    • Valuation Services to Indian Market and in South Africa.
  • Q1- 2019

    • The telematics box installation/ deployment 
    • Runtime Diagnostic and vehicles for valuation
    • Intelligent Vehicle Price based (IVP)
  • Q2- 2019

    • Inter ledger Integration our POS 
    • Hybrid Blockchain Deployment 
  • Q3- 2019

    • Parking Payment System 
    • Electric Charging ports and Wallet scan for charging
  • Q4- 2019

    • OEM base data modeling 
    • IVP Data for Insurance companies 

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token ACN
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ACN = 0.00025 ETH
Token Count 800,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-July-15
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-September-30
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-15

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AutoBlock - Stand-Alone Solutions Set to Revolutionize the Automotive Sector

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