Token Count
200 000 000
1 HASH = 0.10 €

Our idea – is to create a new type of blockchain framework, that will work simultaneously on top of existing blockchains (BTC,LTC,DASH,ZCASH,XMR, etc). 

It will also use different node APIs (,, and etc) at the same time to avoid any kind of centralization and risk of malfunction of single node API service.

Using this framework we plan to create blockchain apps, one example is to create Investor-Management relationship ecosystem, bringing more transparency for public companies.

HashBon — blockchain framework

  • Blockchain applications
  • Different programming languages: PHP, Java and more
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash blockchains
  • Smart contract libraries
  • Reliability, convenience, cost-effectiveness
  • Blockcypher, Blocktrail, APIs

This is a Lego constructor for building any blockchain application that works on top of blockchains that already exist - bitcoin, litecoin, dash, zcash, monero, etc that have proven their reliability and that have sufficiently high protection level against the "51% attack"

Why use the framework?

1) Reliability and fault-tolerance. - using several different blockchains at the same time to save smart contracts gives higher reliability in comparison with using only one blockchain. In addition, the framework will be a unified language (wrapper) for simultaneous work with several APIs such as blockcypher, blocktrail,, etc. 

2) Convenience- Hashbon framework is the interface between blockchain applications and blockchains. Developers will receive a universal language for programming different blockchains. 

3) Cost-effectiveness- in some periods of time commissions in one particular blockchain can be very high. Our framework can intelligently choose those blockchains where it is cheaper to record information at the moment.


After development of framework, we want to use it to create business applications. One example of such applications is automatic preparation of financial statements along with hashing them in blockchain.

The implementation of blockchain financial reports system increases capitalization and value of the business by making it more transparent and less risky for public investors.

This creates incentives for shareholders and management to implement this application. If public company costs 1 billion euros, and its value grows by 3% (realistic estimate), the effect of the implementation will be 30 million euros. And if it costs 30 bln euros - benefits of implementation will be 1 bln euro. Naturally, public companies that are already including in their budgets the costs of improving the relationship with investors will go for the implementation of the blockchain in the reporting system.

Why do you need blockchain to solve this problem?

Public blockchain gives a 100% level of transparency and is also protected from changes. The use of this technology will significantly complicate the possibilities to manipulate financial reporting.


Great opportunities for communication of shareholders 

among themselves Each shareholder, depending on the number of shares, can participate in the life of the company: vote, put forward ideas and demands, request financial reporting documents, meeting minutes, appoint shareholders meeting and other. All this is done in a few clicks.

High data confidentiality 

Access to data can be controlled on a separate account, as well as automate the granting of certain rights depending on the number of shares owned by the user.


Data can be generated for any period of time, even for the previous day, without waiting for quarterly reports. Reports can not be changed retroactively.

Transparency of the data source in reports 

The data received by our platform, stores inside the ultimate amount of detailed information on a source. Data can be assigned to a separate accounting operation with a unique number.

Formation of financial  statements for any period of time

The expenses that the company spends on organizing the general meeting of shareholders, reach quite large sums. A single platform of relationships between shareholders will reduce these costs.

Solving problems that arise between shareholders and company management

It will allow the company to learn immediately how their decisions are evaluated by the shareholders, until it is too late, before the complaint of the shareholders.

More profitable relations with shareholders 

Interaction with shareholders can help companies gather information about investors' problems and make informed decisions that meet the company's interests with respect to these problems.

Reliability systems 

The cloud part of the system and the distributed database provide the work of the platform without a single point of failure.


Yuliya Bibayeva


One of the leading experts in the world of cryptocurrency. Founder and director of one of Russia's largest Bitcoin-exchanger Matbea ( Holds a law degree. Careerist, loves hard work and tasks with tough deadlines. Works with cryptocurrency since 2013.

Grigory Bibaev


Founder and head of services in cryptocurrency related projects: e-wallets, exchangers, explorer, mobile application and other. Works with cryptocurrency since 2013.

Artur Kiniabaev


5 years of experience with various IT projects: design, development, promotion, marketing, optimization of business processes. Experience in IT startup. Works with cryptocurrency since 2016.

Maxim Shestakov


Strong expert in IT world. Sales, pre-sales and technical skills within big transnational companies. Numerous IT-projects successful implementations for the last 8 years. Blockchain enthusiast since 2013.

Pavel Shcherbakov

Senior fullstack software engineer

Effective full stack developer. Leads several large commercial projects in Russia. Has been engaged in architecture and project implementation since 2008. Highload since 2012. Behind him, among other things, the implementation of a major bill project and a large crypto Works with cryptocurrency since 2014.


  • Stage 1

    The first stage includes: 

    - Creating a blockchain framework; 

    - Integration with open blockchains - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and others; 

    - Integration with services like Blockcypher, Blocktrail, and others;

    - MVP release.

  • Stage 2

    The second stage includes: 

    - Development of business applications based on the blockchain framework 

    - Creating a platform interface; 

    - Setting up a system for exchanging data with ERP systems and integration with the blockchain; 

    - Creation of financial, economic and logistic reports. 

    - Implementation and launch of the platform for an open company to collect real data;

  • Stage 3

    The third stage includes expansion of the platform's functionality: 

    - Implementation of voting and consultation system; 

    - Organization of shareholder's general meeting; 

    - Formalizing formal requests to the top management of the company.

  • Stage 4

    The fourth stage includes: 

    - Use of blockchain to provide depository accounting of various types of financial instruments, including bonds, shares;

    - Record of the transfer of rights to them when making deals.

  • Stage 5

    The fifth stage includes: obtaining the necessary licenses and certificates of conformity 

  • Stage 6

    At the sixth stage: further development of the platform and creation of new business applications.

White Paper

Investment Info
Token Info
Token HASH
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 HASH = 0.10 €
Token Count 200 000 000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-June-15
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-July-25
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-July-26
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-31

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