Token Count
1 MET = 0.60 $

About Miner Edge

Miner Edge aims to grant investors an opportunity to become a part of the largest techno mining operation. We have acquired the acumen by using cutting edge technology and relatively low-cost Green Energy. We plan to distribute 75% of Miner Edge output to all MET token holders. We also intend to retrofit our facilities for which we are going to invest 25% of the proceeds back into the system. We take care of our community's investment by providing them with an income in ETH on monthly basis from the mining and hosting profits, taking foolproof security measures and maintaining transparency in divulging all the reports to them. Our highly skilled team has encouraged us to expand our operations and we are glad to broaden the MET community.

Green Electricity

The head mining unit will be based in Manitoba Canada which has an abundance of water sources and green electricity. All our mining units are powered by 100% renewable hydro energy, ensuring low cost, green electricity supply at less than $0.04 - $0.06/kWh.


Miner Edge will partner with the major mining hardware manufacturers and will install cutting-edge cooling and wiring solutions in order to optimize the costs and to ensure maximum profitability. We plan to invest a considerable amount of proceeds into Research and developments of hardware to retrofit our existing system.

Diverse Portfolio

We are dealing in all major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and Monero. This diversification secures the investment by providing backup from other coins in case of downturn.


We have a Strong team with a track record of delivering projects with profitability and with skills from Technology, Finance, Marketing, Real Estate, and operations.


Mining operations will be based in Manitoba Canada which is among the top ranking countries for stability. It has globally competitive energy rates between $0.04 - $0.06/kWh* and a strong financial sector.


Miner Edge is headquartered in Belarus which has legalized Cryptocurrency and taxes are Zero percent. However, mining will take place in Canada and we'll pay whatever taxes are applicable there.

Multiple Currency Mining

Mining all the leading currencies ensure we get hold of the market, it prevents us from unpredictable market risks

Hot and Cold  Storage

Providing hot and cold storage both ensures the flow of coins as well as safe-keeping. This is an indeed unique feature.

Power Supplies and Internet

Ample amount of power supply and internet to sustain incessant mining in different locations with 100% productivity.

Backup Servers and PSU's

To maintain a ceaseless mining and to be ready for any uncertainty high power servers and PSU's are deployed.


Mr. Rakesh Handa

Founder & CEO

Business Developer and Marketing professional with significant years of true international experience in strategic business development, product & services marketing and sales, account management and customer services.

Mr. Philip Ikechi Ejiofor


Ejiofor is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and an associate member. He has several years of experience in Finance and Accounting. He has led several projects that involved huge scale of auditing and is a patron to many banks and organizations.

Mr. Sandip Rathod

Sales , Marketing

Sandip Rathod is a Sales , Marketing and Media expert with over 20 year of experience at various levels of management. He brings along a wide Canadian Media landscape knowledge with strategic deployment of resources.

Mr. Salman Qadir

Chief Investment Officer

With profound knowledge of technology, Salman has helped numerous organizations in various countries to flourish. His acumen on blockchain makes him indispensable.

Mr. Vipin Kumar

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst by profession who has many years of experience establishing new ventures and spreading businesses. He has led several projects with phenomenal success and impeccable record.


  • January 1, 2018

    • Admin and Development Team Finalize
  • March 10, 2018

    • Whitepaper Launched
    • ICO Website and Smart Contract Development Start
  • June 1, 2018

    • Private Sale start with target of Soft Cap
  • July 29, 2018

    • Land Deal Contract Sign
    • Construction of 15000 megahash GPU Farm Start
  • August 1, 2018

    • ICO Open Sale Start
  • September 15, 2018

    • First Miner (Dragon Mint Miner)order on soft cap received
  • October 30, 2018

    • First Order Mining Machine Receiving
  • October 31, 2018

    • Second Machinery order .
  • November 21, 2018

    • 5 Crypto Currency Mining Starts
  • December 15, 2018

    • Second Order Mining Machine Receiving
  • December 25, 2018

    • First Payout will be release of profit
  • December 31, 2018

    • Mobile Wallet Development Start

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Token Info
Token MET
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 MET = 0.60 $
Token Count 60,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-June-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-20

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Miner Edge - Crypto Currency Techno Mining Operation

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