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Our whole life consists of solving problems and achieving our goals. Our tasks are versatile, work or family related, purely personal affairs, they may be planned or not. These everyday activities take from us a lot of time, efforts, money and prevent us from concentrating on the main task. Now we have a super-solution: the SmartO Project!


SmartO is a universal mobile application that will make our life easier, more convenient and organized. In addition, SmartO gives its users 5 ways to earn money effortlessly!


SmartO is a whole world of mobile service capabilities united into one powerful system with the use of blockchain technology: smart organizer, interactive navigator, instant messenger, personal assistant with adaptive algorithm and many other useful services.


You simply enter tasks into the application (standard or voice input) and then a powerful expert system, located on cloud servers, starts working. This system analyzes non-stop data from other applications, geo-information systems and solves optimization problems with one purpose: to tell you how, when and in what order to solve all your tasks in the most efficient and easy way.


SmartO is targeted at a very wide audience. Millions of people will install SmartO on their smartphones. Following the millions of SmartO users business will join the App to use SmartO as an advertising platform to promote its goods and services. Users will see the goods and services of suppliers registered within SmartO. Their offers will be displayed on the map along the user's route.


SmartO completely changes the principle of viewing and placing ads: if previously users did not receive anything from viewing ads, in SmartO the user receives 60% of the advertising budget.


Ildar Mukhametzhanov

SmartO Visionary and CTO

For many years SmartO visionary participated in various researches in different countries, including Russia, Germany and the UK. He has vast experience in developing enterprise level global information systems since 2006, designing and developing complex telecom apps, such as Viber. Participation in the full development cycle, implementation and operation of high-load apps for international telecom companies around the world for over 8 years. Total experience in developing large-scale projects based on Oracle RDBMS with Java — 14 years. Carrying a huge store of knowledge and experience, Ildar has gathered a strong, close-knit team and is ready for implementation of his own project, which is doomed to be a success.

Vladimir Zakvaskin

iOS Developer

Vladimir received substantial higher education in one of the leading universities of Russia and fully devoted himself to iOS mobile development. He adores iOS and it helps him to improve by leaps and bounds. Work in one of the top Russian software developer companies for high-tech markets — MERA allowed Vladimir to gain experience and improve knowledge of programming. The world is changing fast and Vladimir, being a proactive and open go-getter, was able to fit easily into SmartO team and the crypto world.

Anatoly Chernyshev

Android Developer

Anatoly has always been characterised by commitment and thoroughness of what he does. It allows him to write high-quality code — and that is the key to success of an IT project. Anatoly chose Java for a good reason, as it is well structured and maintainable, so it fits him like a glove. Anatoly had job experience in one of the top Russian software developer companies for high-tech, it gave his career a good boost. Having background in mobile app development for Android, Anatoly complemented SmartO team nicely.

Alexander Gorokhov

Web Programmer

Alexander is an old-timer in the field of web-programming and web-design. He maintains a perfect equilibrium between a dreamy artist and a responsible developer that allows him to carry out daring ideas, working on front end of large-scale Internet projects. For over five years he applies and hones his skill in Angular js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Material Design, creating unique products. Recently he entered crypto scene and joined SmartO team.

Nikita Evdokimov

Backend Developer

Nikita's role in the project is hard to overestimate. He is responsible for the multilevel application business logic, which is hidden on the server side. It requires outstanding professional qualities and extensive knowledge in many areas of IT technology — Nikita aces all those tasks, providing a reliable basis for the project. Nikita has years of experience under his belt: miles of java script, various database management systems, such as Postgre, Oracle, Redis, Big Data work and many, many other project.


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token STO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 STO = 0.001$
Token Count 12,000,000,000
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-April-06
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-April-15

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