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TillBilly is an integrated “tap & go” terminal connected to a point of sale terminal, where a shopper can make payments, automatically get digital receipts (tax invoices), and collect & redeem loyalty points with a single tap of any NFC enabled card, phone or wearable.


  • A transparent and scalable blockchain powered crypto-payments network
  • That enables transactions to be as easy as paying with a contactless card/phone
  • That offers price protection against cryptocurrency market volatility to both Shoppers and Merchants.
  • That is cheaper for the merchants and shares its revenue with the customers

An environmentally sustainable digital receipts solution that provides shoppers convenience and better experience while maintaining their privacy, and helping merchants save money on paper

A convenient loyalty management system that does not require users to carry dozens of loyalty cards or scan them during checkout

A promotions engine that provides offers and vouchers easily and timely, available within app



Debit cards make up almost 50% of the $433B+ non-cash payments per year. Merchant Services providers (banks, card processing companies, payment gateways) have the market monopoly and charge high processing fees per transaction (1.5% - 3.5%) = Between $6-15B/yr is consumed just in "middleman fees".

The retail industry can greatly benefit from the decentralised low fee technology provided by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but then it has challenges of its own.

Tillbilly aims to solve these issues and create a seamless and familiar environment where

- Transactions are fast, cheap, secure and rewarding

- Users are not affected by cryptocurrency price volatility

Challenges with blockchain/cryptocurrencies in retail payments

  • No incentive for merchants or shoppers
  • Extreme price volatility
  • Too complicated process for an average person to procure and maintain cryptocurrencies (exchanges, keys, wallets etc.)
  • Early generation blockchains suffer from scalability and high transaction fees

TillBilly is an innovative real world "application" of blockchain that

Bypasses the middlemen and provides a ultra low fee payments network, so the shopper pays less, and the merchant gets more

Protects both shoppers and merchants against any cryptocurrency price volatility

Provides a seamless way of funding wallets within app, and making payments through our proprietary tap-and-go (NFC) payment terminals. The underlying complexities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are hidden from shoppers and merchants

Leverages the highly scalable and low fee Stellar blockchain infrastructure


Paper receipts have been the de-facto proof of purchase for over a century. These receipts are not just inconvenient for shoppers and costly for merchants, and it costs the environment over 1 billion gallons of water, 10 million trees, and 250 million gallons of oil every year, in US alone.

Over 90% Shoppers and 80% retailers prefer digital receipts, but today less than 23% retailers are able to provide digital receipts due to the complexity of integrations with existing point of sale softwares.

TillBilly’s unique and patent pending technology provides a universal plug and play hardware terminal that integrates easily with any existing point of sale software and offers shoppers seamless tap & go digital receipts straight into their mobile phones

Current Digital Receipts solutions

  • Are hard to integrate with existing point of sale software
  • Many rely on users to take a “photo” of a paper receipt
  • Others ask for user’s private email or phone no. to send a digital receipt
  • No value added services


  • Provides a plug-and-play universal & simple integration with most point of sale systems
  • Uses contactless (NFC) technology to have the digital receipt sent straight into the mobile app
  • Provides a secure contactless mechanism to get receipts without sharing user’s private and sensitive data with the merchant
  • Offers automated personal expense tracking, and integrates with popular business expense management/accounting platforms


Big retailers have flooded the market with their rewards card, while small businesses cannot afford the infrastructure and technology required for a good loyalty system.

An average shopper today has over 15+ rewards cards, which is highly impractical to carry around while shopping.

Conventional Loyalty Programs

  • Require significant setup costs
  • Require users to carry and scan rewards cards (we call it “demanded loyalty”)
  • Provide users in most cases, low visibility on their loyalty points status and options


  • Offers a Loyalty Program as a Service with no upfront costs
  • The reward points are credited into the shoppers linked account automatically with a transaction or digital receipt
  • Merchants can set automatic triggers for rewards to be sent in-app to their loyal customers - Appreciated Loyalty


The retail industry is still stuck with high cost but low impact offers/promotions marketing options like billboards and print media, high commission e-commerce marketplaces, high CPA/CPC social media, etc.

TillBilly provides merchants a cost effective in-app promotions platform that results in higher conversions and better customer experience

Conventional Channels

  • Coupon codes and vouchers printed on the receipts have a conversion rate of about 0.01% as people often throw away the receipts, or rarely have them available when a possibility to redeem them appears, or they have already expired
  • E-commerce marketplaces charge high commission (~ 50% of the sale value)
  • Avg. cost per action (CPA) for retail industry on social media is over $21


  • Provides in-app offers that are readily available and hence drive higher conversions
  • Low fee in-app platform with relevant offers
  • Low fee CPA, up to 90% cheaper than social media




Sarthak has over 12yrs of experience working as an IT Solution Architect designing and delivering robust and scalable enterprise architecture for over 20 blue-chip customers, primarily in the banking, retail and telecommunication sector across Australia, South Africa, Middle East and India. Sarthak has worked for companies like Oracle, IBM and Wipro. Before an architect, Sarthak worked as a Database and later a Middleware Administrator.



Eddie has over 20 years of experience working as an IT Solution Architect for major Australian enterprises like National Australia Bank (NAB), The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), Australia Post, as well as a number of SMBs. An angel investor, entrepreneur, and active member of Melbourne's startup ecosystem, Eddie is near obsessive about the user experience, and passionate about building new hardware and software systems that will usher in the 3rd Computer Revolution.



Vinny is a highly skilled full stack software engineer with over 10 years of experience in emerging technologies. Meticulous about the way a product is crafted, Vinny brings in extensive experience and thought leadership in the design and development of TillBilly's Backend Architecture. Vinny has been associated with startups for some time now and has worked on a number of good ideas.



Aditya is a versatile developer with over 5 years of entrepreneurial experience and a keen interest towards frontend development and UX. His background in mathematics is instrumental in designing algorithms and solutions for transaction model and smart contracts on the blockchain. Aditya has worked with multiple startups in the past as lead frontend developer and solution architect.



Jannik is a strategic corporate and communications consultant for challenging business situations. With experience in the digital transformation and change management of international corporations like airbus or Euler Hermes as well as medium-sized enterprises his real passion is the retail market and its blockchain use cases. Based on his experience as a consultant and several years in the retail sector, among other positions as Marketing/E-Commerce Manager, he advises TillBilly in communication and marketing.


  • Q1 2018

    MVP Development Terminal Prototype

  • Q2 2018

    Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

  • Q3 2018

    Token Sale

  • Q4 2018

    Pilot Launch

  • Q1 2019

    First Factory Run

  • Q2 2019

    5K Terminals roll out Australian Market

  • Q3 2019

    10K Terminals roll out Expansion into North America

  • Q4 2019

    50K Terminals roll out

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting XLM
Token Info
Token BILL
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 BILL = 1 XLM
Token Count 1,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-September-01
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-October-15
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-November-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-15

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TillBilly - RETAIL REIMAGINED Payments | Digital Receipts | Rewards | Promotions

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