Token Count
1 TPX = 0.0002 ETH

Profit distribution

TPX holders will be receiving daily passive income from exchange profit.


Trade without fear of lose your investments in the crypto. Compensation Fund will be used to partially cover trade losses.

Earn TPX

Create a paid subscription to your portfolio and participate in the best trader rating.

Cryptocurrency exchange

with loss compensation and profit distribution between TPX token holders

What is

this is an innovative multifunctional financial instrument for trading

User interface

Widely customizable interface that allows you to delete or move all the items, since it's convenient for you to work as you are used to. You can create a completely custom interface from the various elements that you need. The main points in convenience relate primarily to ease, simplicity, efficiency, reliability and productivity in the use of the interface. Customizing the interface makes it possible to adapt to the requirements of different users.

For beginners, the interface can offer explicit help in quickly adapting to the trading environment, and an experienced user can customize the interface for personal needs, for example, change the size and availability of internal elements, and then save these changes. A balanced group of specialists in psychology, ergonomics, computer graphics and programming is working on the user interface on our exchange. Among the set of important requirements, there is their common set, which will be taken into account when designing the user interface.

According to this set, the interface will provide:

- User actions;

- Flexible interface customization;

- Interactive environment (dialogues);

- Direct manipulation;

- Tips, required by the user when using the system;

- Appropriate disclosure of opportunities;

- Simple error recovery;

In addition, the user interface will use metaphors familiar to the user and accompany visual replicas of the user's actions. Additional criteria, which will be aimed at developing the interface - it's easy, efficient, reliable. The main criterion is that the interface does what the user expects from it. It is in solving these tasks that the work of the team is directed.


The built-in cryptoportfolio in the platform will enable you to track all changes in profit, share information on purchased coins with other users without authorization. Making transactions for buying or selling all information will be recorded and displayed in your portfolio.


The exchange not only offers a multifunctional financial instrument, but it is also one of the most secure exchanges, the security of which is based on a distributed method using neural networks. When using services that store information about user accounts, wallets, etc. The most vulnerable part is information with passwords and keys from user wallets.

When storing information on the server, even in an encrypted form, there is a risk of compromising information in favor of intruders. At the moment, there are technological solutions that can protect data and ensure their anonymity.

It is planned to use multidimensional distributed technology of storing keys, passwords and personal data, used to work with the accounts of the exchange.

A table of hashes of keys and metadata is compiled. The hash tables are distributed to the servers as separate data segments. Actually an encrypted tracker is used. Data segments stored on one server are not valuable, since they contain only a part of the information. When hacking even several servers, an attacker can not get all the information keys, passwords and personal given user.

Each time a user requests a data, a channel with end-to-end encryption is created to the tracker and the user can access the account. In the operation of the access system, in addition to requesting credentials, a deep neural network is used. The neural network uses additional information about the device, IP address, activities. The neural network recognizes the signature picture of the user and provides security, if the signature picture is different from the usual one, access to the account is blocked. This method is an additional guarantor for authentication.

Money Save

The economic model of is aimed at reducing market risks in the trade of crypto currency and fiat money, this approach helps reduce the entrance barrier to cryptornics. A deep analysis of the competitive environment, coupled with a systematic approach to reducing the uncertainty of trade in crypto currency, will allow us to create a new generation exchange.

The idea of is based on a systematic approach to risk analysis. The exchange model allows you to hedge volatility risks for traders through loss-compensation transactions. Compensation for losses is realized through redistribution of the fourth part of the commission fee of the exchange between the bidders. The amount of compensation is directly proportional to the volume of funds for a specific transaction. The less transactions are closed at a loss, the higher the percentage of the compensation fund goes to each of the participants.

Compensation fund is formed from the part of the daily profit of the exchange and makes up 25% of the daily turnover. Unspent for 24 hours funds are transferred to the next day and so on. In fact, provides traders with a safety cushion, the size of which depends both on the total trading volume on the stock exchange and on the success of each individual trader, so we are interested in minimizing the loss of assets by our participants. To do this, a special system will be launched, allowing our members to optimize their trading strategies.

Social Tools

Trust management is one of the tools that allows you to partially or completely exclude your actions for buying or selling crypto currency. The system of analysis of experienced traders provides additional opportunities for proper investment. Each trader in his / her personal account can agree to track their actions for buying or selling crypto-currency assets and thereby earn TPX tokens.

Trading offers our users a set of order types to give traders the tools they need for every scenario (Limit, Market, Stop, Trailing Stop, Hidden and Smart Order). Margin Trading, users can offer funding at the rate and duration of their choice. In addition users can use our Auto-Renew feature to renew their offers automatically upon expiry.

API & Mobile Devices 

Stable and comfortable performance on mobile devices with API. New technology that ensures positive user experience. For added security, your mobile app can be customized with only the permissions you want to grant it.

Customer service 

The presence of a first-class team and a thoughtful strategy of customer support with an emphasis on operational efficiency allows us to constantly support the clients at the highest level.

In will be used TradingView charts.

Traders around the world use TradingView as the main tool for analysis. The graphs allow you to conduct technical analysis online, build trend lines and find signals for openig or closing the deals. The presence of a huge number of indicators will allow a more qualitative determination of the price movement.

The system of price forecasting, built into the charts to reduce trade losses.

The system will analyze many trading indicators, compare different periods and find similar figures of technical analysis, and the neural network built into the system with a team of professional analysts will correct the system and provide possible price changes on the charts. This functionality will be provided to all users who have TPX tokens. 

Our goal is to change the notion of crypto-exchange markets. Given all the shortcomings of competitors, we create a truly safe, ergonomic and socially-oriented product. Our unique economic model removes all kinds of barriers when entering the crypto-currency market. Each user of the exchange will receive additional opportunities in making a profit.


Andrey Topilskiy

Chief Executive Officer

The implementation of IT projects of any levels, the total experience in the IT industry for about 10+ years. Starting from the organization of technical support and ending with projects in the crypto industry. Working with the top people of the largest companies including people from the Forbes list around the world.

Andrey Orlov

Chief Technology Officer

Cryptocurrency expert and blockchain enthusiast, and has been an advocate of bitcoin since its very early days. Andrey is an expert in the programing of smart-contracts and mining processes. He has over 10 years of experience in architecting and implementing IT systems and infrastructure in enterprise environments.

Dmitry Akimov

Chief Systems Architect

Dmitry is full-stack developer with more than 10 years experience in different platforms and program languages. His team have a proven track record in development of trading security systems and creation of financial instruments at stock exchanges.

Simon Menkovich

Chief Customer Officer

Many years of experience in working with clients. Organization of customer support in large companies around the world. He graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Dmitry Potapov

Analyst of high-loaded systems

Experience in development of Big Data analytical systems for large oil companies, construction of models for evaluation and analysis of hidden relations of the financial sector, development of an analytical system LUKOIL Oil Company. Knowledge of programming languages: C/C++, PHP, Oracle, SQL. 


  • July - Sep 2017

    The idea of creating, the analysis of competitors, the need to create a project, the search for a team, consultations with specialists in specialized fields.

  • Oct - Dec 2017

    Apvprobation of the idea, preparation of WhitePaper, development of the economic model and its description, team approval.

  • Jan 2018 - Mar 2018

    Website development, registration in social networks, development of personal account and the bounty program

  • Apr - Jun 2018

    Development of the project legality and search of the country with legal regulation for registration of a private company with the status of a limited liability company.

  • Jul - Oct 2018

    Announcement of the project.

    Advance marketing among early investors. Preparation for the ICO.

  • Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

    Development of a full-fledged exchange platform with a minimal functional set, debugging of the system, verification of security systems.

  • Feb 2019 - Arp 2019

    Announcement of the first beta version of the platform, with a minimum set of trading pairs, beta testing, debugging of the loss compensation system.

  • May - Jul 2019

    Release of the trading platform, as a full-fledged financial instrument for the exchange of crypto currency.

  • Aug - Oct 2019

    Development of social tools for traders.

  • Nov - Jan 2020

    Development of a system for analyzing the rise or fall of prices in the crypto-currency market.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Country Russia
Hardcap 20,000 ETH
Softcap 1,000 ETH
Token TPX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 TPX = 0.0002 ETH
Token Count 10,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-September-19
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-17

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