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What is STAYGE?

STAYGE is a blockchain protocol that connects around the world. Fan’s activities and size can be accurately recorded on blockchain.

Partners & Investors

STAYGE Network is open to a variety of partners who will utilize the fandom ecosystem to co-create a sustainable ecosystem.

  • Blockchain accelerator that founded by ICON which is the most successful ICO project in Korea. STAYGE is the first portfolio project of Deblock.
  • DSP media has produced many famous K-pop artists and provided record production and management since 1991. DSP media is a classic representation of a Korean entertainment company, and STAYGE plans to manage DSP artists' fan communities.
  • Penta is a next-generation platform for both public and private blockchain projects, designed to be a premier platform for transferring value and operating high-performance DApps. STAYGE will conduct entertainment project with Penta.
  • Emong Games is involved in HTML5 game development and porting business. With STAYGE, Emong Games will provide games utilizing an artist’s IP to fans.
  • FHL Games provides about 20 online and mobile games, including PointBlank(a global FPS), through KAYBO.COM, a content platform for 18 millions users across Central and South America. STAYGE plans to provide communities for gaming fans in that region.
  • beSUCCESS is the Korea's leading tech start-up media launched in 2011. Not only provides direct and indirect information to expand the insights of 

STAYGE Network

STAYGE One makes a protocol connecting the whole fandom around the world. Fan's activities will be recorded accurately and they are fairly rewarded for their promotion. The Fandom data will reduce the uncertainty of the industry. Through STAYGE Network, information exchange between Fan - Artist - Business will be activated and the entertainment market will grow healthy.


STG is a coin that connects the fandom of each artist and serves as the key currency of STAYGE Network.The initial issue volume is 10 billion, and compensation is paid based on contribution to the STAYGE Network's operation. STG allows to exchange with other types of ACT, and companies doing business with fandom can involve.

ACT: Community Activity Token

ACT is a token issued by a fan’s activities. It includes content creation and distribution, feedback from others, and event participation. ACT is also created for each artist and is a way to integrate various fan communities from the world.


In the entertainment field, fans are a driving force in the industry, and understanding them accurately is a way to sustain the industry. STAYGE Network provides an environment that allows to view data about fans, and gives participants in the entertainment industry with the following benefits:


Michael Baeg

• STAYGE One / Co-founder & CEO • STAYGE Labs / Co-founder & CEO • Formation 8 Partners / Asia Business Operating Partner • On*Media (acquired by CJ Group) / New Biz-dev Team Manager • Entelligent (acquired by NEXON Mobile) / Team Leader & Senior Software Engineer • DelphiEye (acquired by Webzen) / Software Engineer • Actoz Soft (acquired by Shanda) / Software Engineer • POSTECH / B.S. in CSE

Michael Baeg is a co-founder & CEO of STAYGE One. Michael founded STAYGE Labs which is a company behind STAYGE One blockchain project in 2016. Michael has invested in and a business development of startup companies in the United States and Korea through his career in a venture capital firm, Formation 8 Partners. Michael Baeg has an extensive knowledge and network of both IT and entertainment industry through his experience in gaming and media company.Michael is a well-connected person who has a wide range of experience at IT & startup industry over than 15 years as a software engineer, entrepreneur, and investor.Michael graduated from POSTECH, the top engineering university in South Korea with a major of Computer Science that alumni network has a great influence on a blockchain industry in South Korea.

Thomas Jeon

• STAYGE One / Board of Director • Nomad Connection / Co-founder & CEO (Participated in the ICON Project) • Mpeon Asia / Operation Team Leader • Penta Security System / Software Engineer • POSTECH / B.S. in CSE

Thomas Jeon is the Board of Director of STAYGE One. Thomas Jeon is the Co-founder & CEO of Nomad Connection and participated in the ICON Project. Thomas was the Operation Team Leader in Mpeon Asia and Software Engineer in Penta Security System. He graduated and obtained B.S. from POSTECH for a major of CSE.

Yoon-jin Chang

• STAYGE One / Board of Director • LifeSite / Co-founder & Director of Business Development • KStartup / Partner • Cherubic Ventures / Venture Partner • Miss Korea Beauty Pageant the 54th (2010) / 善 • Ewha Womans University / B.A. in English Literature & Economics

Yoon-jin Chang is the Board of Director of STAYGE One. Yoonjin is in charge of Co-Founder and Director of Corporate Development of LifeSite, committed to providing smart web-based solutions to help people store, organize, and access in life. Yoon-jin was the Venture Partner of Cherubic Ventures and KStartup. She had ‘Seon(善)’ on Miss Korea Beauty Pageant the 54th in 2010. She graduated Ewha Womans University and obtained B.A in English Literature & Economics.


• STAYGE One / Co-founder & Director • STAYGE Labs / Industry Advisor • All Around Playerz (AAP) / Co-founder & CEO • Rapper & Producer (Chief producer of KARD, a co-ed K-Pop artist group)

NASSUN is a producer that has worked with famous female singer (Lee hyo-ri, Hyuna) and Hanryu girl and boygroup(KARA, Verygood, ACE, uptension). And he worked with famous K-pop stars like KARD, who is popular in Europe, USA, South America. He is Co-founder and CEO of AAP(All around players), an artist brand that creates an environment where artists grow sustainably, under the slogan " Another Name for Dream " He hopes that the irrationalities and problems of the music industry, that he has felt while working in the music industry for 19 years, will be solved through the STAYGE One and the blockchain technology. He is making “music for my enjoyment” even today.

Hailey Lee

• STAYGE Labs / Communication Manager • DOOSAN ART CENTER / PR, Marketing Manager • MOKHWA repertory company / Line Producer • Chung-Ang University Graduate School/ Master degree in Performing Arts • Chung-Ang University / Theatre

Hailey Lee was majored in performing arts in university and graduate school. she conducted plays as a producer of over 20 works. She worked as a Line producer for one of Korea's top troupe, the MOKHWA repertory company. For a year, she worked as a pr·marketing manager at the DOOSAN Art Center, Korea's top production theater. She has an academic background in the planning of performances and experience in public relations and marketing through practical experience in the entertainment industry.


  • 2018/ 3Q - 4Q

    STAYGE - Fan Community for Everyone

    - Communication and Authorization between participants

    - Activation respect to the amount of activity

    - Record of on/offline fan activities

    - Democratic decision-making by fans

    - Connection with third-party services

  • 2018/ 4Q

    STG-ACT Conversion

    - Conversion of STG and ACT for each community

    - Confirmation of total issued ACT for each community

    - Confirmation of artist participation level and community activation level

  • 2019/1Q

    Goods Commerce

    - Purchase of goods sold by artists

    - Reflection on goods price in real time as a fluctuation of STG/ACT price

    - Registration of selling option as artists' taste

    - Artist - fan communication about the items

  • 2019/2Q

    Ticketing Service

    - Various ticket selling options

    - Tracking of ticket trade

  • 2019/3Q - 4Q


    - Query and record of fan activity

    - Query and record of artist information

    - Query and creation of contents

    - Synchronization of STAYGE account

  • 2020/1Q

    Goods Marketplace

    - Purchase of goods sold by artist and fan

    - Reflection on goods price in real time as a fluctuation of STG/ACT price

    - Seller - Buyer communication about the goods

  • 2020/2Q

    Decision-making participation system through ACT

    - Conveying opinions of whole fans to artists and entrepreneurs

    - Report and regulation about trouble-maker

    - Authorization through votes in the community

  • 2020/3Q

    Fan-driven crowdfunding

    - Making a project that fans want (TV show, album, fan meeting, etc)

    - Fund-raising of cost and idea collection

  • 2020/4Q

    STAYGE main net

    - STAYGE protocol provision

    - Connection between various fan-related services

  • 2021/1Q

    DApp Marketplace

    - DApp provision using a STAYGE protocol

  • 2021/ 2Q

    Business platform

    - Matching the artist's fandom and target customers

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, ICX
Token Info
Country Estonia
Hardcap 12,500,000
Softcap 2,500,000
Token STG
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1ETH=100,000STG
Token Count 10,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-November-20
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-19

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STAYGE - Blockchain Protocol that Tokenizes the Fan Activities(STG)

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