Token Count
1 TCX = $0.70

Why are asset-backed tokens better?

Commodities trading used to be a sophisticated play, now 

we’ve opened it up to everyone.

Tiberius Coin is a breakthrough new asset-backed token that is directly tied to physical metals. That means your Tiberius coins can never go to zero.

And when it comes to liquidity, no coin even comes close. Every Tiberius Con is backed by and redeemable for physical metals, one of the most liquid markets in the world.

While traditional institutions fear and combat the blockchain, we have openly embraced it and see it as the logical next step in simplifying and increasing security in modern investing.

Our token is regulated, feeds the growth of the technology sector, is liquid, future-proof, and every dollar you invest goes into purchasing the metals that back each token.

We’ve created a new type of Digital Asset that is designed to build your wealth, not destroy it. Tiberius Coin keeps you in control and lets you invest on your terms

$11tn Robotics & AI

AI, automation, and other related technologies are already exploding onto the scene. As companies look to scale, cut costs, and benefit from this innovation, these technologies will continue to grow at an alarming rate

$16tn IOT & Telco

All major technologies rely on some form of communication. Major tech and telecom companies are leveraging communication through things like the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to gather more data, increase profits, and deploy new technologies.

$5tn Transportation

Transportation is already heavily benefiting from the current wave of innovation. New tech is heavily influencing things like drone deliveries (Amazon), autonomous driving (Tesla), and other initiatives that will change the way we approach basic transportation.

$2tn Space Exploration

Space is the final frontier. While it may seem distant, companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are already pushing the boundaries. Any and all future innovation in this industry will require a massive amount of resources from all areas of the tech industry.


Tiberius Group AG is a leading global commodities asset manager, mining operator, and metal merchant. We understand this industry, we know where it’s headed, and we designed the Tiberius Coin to allow you to profit from this future growth.

Tiberius will purchase the metals at the London Metals Exchange, one of the oldest and most liquid exchanges in the world.

When you own a Tiberius Coin , you own 100% of the metal backing it. And because all transactions are handled by the blockchain, you never have to worry about security.

Where most Digital Assets bypass compliance, we prioritize it. Our company uses PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) to audit the metals and we use an independent network of competing warehouse companies to store it.

What does this mean for you?

The metal backing your Tiberius Coins is safe, secure, and 100% insured – all of which is included in the standard warehouse fees.

Market prices will track the LBMA (London Bullion Market) prices.

Tiberius coins are easily tradable and can even be redeemed for physical metals, making them the perfect tool for investors and producers.


Aluminium: Electric vehicles, consumer products like the iPhone, and solar panels

Copper: Electric vehicles, GPUs, AI, circuit boards, and most electrical wiring

Cobalt and Nickel: Electric vehicles and batteries

Platinum: Optical fibres, LCDs, turbine engines, hard disks, thermocouples, and as a catalyst to create silicone

Gold: Electronics, flash memory, gold plating in semiconductors, and in special aerospace instruments that are exposed to high-temperatures

Tin: Solder on circuit boards and the coating in most electronic equipment

Each of these metals play an important role in the technology sector. Whether they protect from corrosion, or make up the key components in batteries, CPUs, and GPUs, the demand for these metals is already here and is guaranteed to grow over the next decade.



No one likes fees, we understand that. Still, we were quite surprised by the push-back and the reluctance we’ve experienced from the community regarding the cost side of things. It’s obviously not an easy task to place a product subject to fees into a fee-free environment. But here’s our explanation.

The Tiberius Coin grants direct ownership of metal and the most important feature of this kind of token which acts as an ownership identifier of the “asset” which is held in the custody of Tiberius. These assets need to be bought first. In simple terms, the token price is backed by literal value, meaning that they don’t start at zero value like other digital assets, but rather, should be worth, at a minimum, the intrinsic value of the assets that they are backed by. There are other things to take into account like the combination of the assets value, accessibility, transferability, and other factors as well. But at the core of it all, asset-backed tokens have legitimate value, unlike others.

Every dollar we receive is immediately used to purchase metals which are identified by our token. This makes our token the electronic equivalent of metal. Every time a new Tiberius Coin is minted, new metal is purchased alongside it. If metal needs to be delivered, we burn that specific token and resolve the contract through the blockchain.  Keep in mind, our token grants ownership over a basket of metals. The moment the metal leaves the warehouse, we need to make sure that the coin is purged. The token supply is thus continually adjusted to correspond to the amount of metal held in the custody of Tiberius.

If we want to protect our investors and provide them with an intrinsic value, if we need to ensure the price of the coin and the price of the underpinning metal moves in synch, someone needs to manage this in the background. Tiberius Coin holders don’t see this and they shouldn’t have to. All they should worry about is having the ability to use their tokens as a means of payment, a store of wealth, to diversify their portfolio, as a pure investment, or to trade physical metals without involving third-parties like banks and other clearing agencies.

And while this may seem like a sensible solution, there’s quite a lot that needs to be done in the background to guarantee that the coin maintains these attributes. This leads to the following cost structure:

The total costs of the 9,00% can be broken down into:

3,00% Legal and Compliance

  • Due diligence of the metal, warehouse receipts, bank account statements and the whole company on a quarterly basis
  • Lawyers to conduct and approve the due diligence
  • Management of the global certificate together with external lawyers
  • KYC and AML execution and verification processes

2,50% Liquidity Premium

  • Acquiring the metal (bid/ask spread)
  • Execution of our best price policy and assumed price risk
  • Managing the cash/basket quota (Most investors won’t buy 1.000.000 coins, i.e. a full basket) We have to own and manage a certain part of a basket to be able to issue e.g. only 100.

1,50% Management Fees

  • Hedging. We need to lock-in prices once we receive money, especially if it’s not enough to acquire a full basked
  • Arbitrage. This will protect our investors and makes sure that the Tiberius Coin price and the metals basket price stays as close as possible together
  • Accounting and booking all positions. Fill out all necessary reports and collect all bank statements

1,00% Brokerage Fees (Metal Broker)

  • Costs related when you trade with brokers

1,00% Exchange Fees (Metals Exchange)

  • Costs related when you trade with an exchange. Essentially the broker will pass these costs over to us.

0,00% Warehouse Fees (only for the first 12 months)

  • For the first twelve month we’ll not collect warehouse fees at any point in time
  • After 12 months, warehouse fees will be collected on a daily basis for the total amount of Tiberius Coin you own.
  • The fees accumulate to around 2.5% per year and are used to pay the rent for the warehouses holding your metal.

Here are the Benefits of Investing in Tiberius Coin

Secure & Stable

You can’t fool the blockchain. Tiberius Coin uses smart contracts that allow it to function like digital cash. This means less risk, less speculation, and an easy way to invest in technology. Zero is impossible with Tiberius Coin.

Flexible & Liquid

When Digital Assets crash and new regulations are introduced, cashing out is nearly impossible. Months and years of profit can be lost in minutes. Tiberius Coin doesn’t suffer from this problem because it is backed by the extremely liquid global metals market.

High Growth & No Fees

Invest in a token that will grow your money – not lose it. Tiberius Coin provides you with a unique way to profit from the soon-to-be $34 trillion technology sector.

Regulated & Transparent

We embrace regulation and see it as a necessary stepping stone. Our vision is to make investing more accessible to every day investors like you by democratizing the entire process.


Christoph Eibl

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is an expert commodities trader with decades of experience. He spent two decades trading commodities at Dresdner Kleinwort and Tiberius, developed a mining and metal merchant business, created an EV battery company, and was one of the first in traditional finance to see the potential behind the blockchain.

Philip R. Zimmermann

Chief Scientist and Security Officer

Argued by some to be the mastermind behind Bitcoin, Philip is most known for creating Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), an open-source encryption platform, and has spent the better part of his life fighting for individual privacy and digital rights. Since 2004, he has received many humanitarian awards, in 2012 he was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame by the Internet Society, and in 2014 he was inducted into the Cyber Security Hall of Fame.

Rafael Torreblanca

Chief Marketing Officer

Rafael has successfully started several digital ventures and has decades of experience working with large telecommunications companies. He co-founded Acrobits, an industry leading and multi-awarded company that secures voice and data communications for major telecom companies and governments across the globe.

Giuseppe Rapallo

Chief Operating Officer

Giuseppe joined Tiberius Group in 2007 and spent the next decade working as a managing director and portfolio manager within the company’s asset management division. With a keen eye for detail, he understands business operations and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Tiberius Coin through its development, release, and future updates.

Simon Rahme

Head Of Development

Simon has successfully completed 1 exit, 2 raises, 3 incubators, started 4 companies, and a lot of Digital Assets. Simon entered the tech world designing network infrastructures and implementing innovative App & Web solutions. However, his quest for further optimisation led him to the blockchain where he’s crowned as one of Australia’s leaders. Simon also holds a B.Commerce – Finance & Economics from Monash University, Australia.


  • 2012 Q1

    Tiberius Mining

  • 2016 Q2

    Tiberius ComTech

  • 2017 Q1

    Select the top 7 metals to make a

    future-proof, diverse Tech Metal Basket

  • 2017 Q2

    Assemble core team and advisors

    Investigation into blockchain technology

    Write and validate White Paper

  • 2018 Q1

    Release proof of concept for Basket

    of Metals Announcement of project &

    publishing of White Paper Launch Public


  • 2018 Q2

    Design architecture for Tiberius coin 

    Release updated website

    Release process for Tiberius coin conversion to metals 

    Begin marketing campaign Ongoing

  • 2018 Q4

    October 1: Sale Starts

    October 21: Sale Ends

    November 1: Listed on Exchanges

    Tiberius coin web-app launched

    Tiberius coin iOS App launched

    Tiberius coin Android App launched

    Tiberius coin conversion functionality live

  • 2018 Q4

    Issue tokens to accounts

  • 2019 Q1

    Update product based on user feedback 

    Enable more granular storage fee drawdowns

    opposed to a single yearly fee to increase the

    value of Tiberius coins

  • 2019 Q2

    Release B2B product for more efficient

    settlement of metal securities

  • 2020 Q1

    Tiberius Coin - global currency

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, Fiat
Token Info
Country Switzerland
Hardcap 35,000,000 USD
Softcap 20,000,000 USD
Token TCX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 TCX = $0.70
Token Count TBD
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-21

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