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1 COVEX = 0.005 ETH

About Us

CoVEX is building the Blockchain nexus of the future. Startups, small and large businesses rely on our data and range of services to power their decision-making. We are a group of expert developers, traders, analysts and evangelists that believe in the paradigm shift that the blockchain represents.

CoVEX smart contract is based on the next-generation ERC223. Traders can trade and exchange cryptocurrencies, enhance their copy trading skills and compete with each other’s trades within their trading groups. In other words, we are making social/copy trading, margin trading, and payment gateways transparent, highly secure and reliable. The CoVEX token which will be implemented on Ethereum Blockchain under ERC223 standards will act as a reward-generating cryptocurrency. This means CoVEX token holders will receive bonuses in the form of transaction fees.

Ultimately, our platform will make trading accessible to everyone and improve the overall user experience. Our platform will transform the foundations of crypto markets such as startups, incumbents, traders, consumers, and merchants into a viable ecosystem that will boost the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Our mission is to bring this innovative technology to the world in an effective, seamless and accessible way. We see the Blockchain as the solution to centralizing power, thus returning freedom to the people to make their own financial decisions and prosper, undeterred.

Our Services

CoVEX’s R&D team is developing a stable, secure platform. The CoVEX platform will not only allow traders to exchange cryptocurrency, but also to share their ideas, enhance their copy trading skills and compete with others’ trades within the CoVEX network. We believe the social aspect of trading, connecting traders and enabling them to share information, is invaluable.

CoVEX offers traders a hybrid trading platform with excellent trading tools, volatility alerts, market updates, current news and a dedicated team of customer support.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges were developed by enthusiasts who do not have the requisite technological maturity to maintain them. As a result, current crypto exchanges face:


Frequent downtimes have led to significant financial losses for crypto users who are unable to place and modify their trades, especially during highly volatile periods.


Most crypto exchanges are bombarded by security breaches, making them vulnerable to hacks and huge thefts.


New users are discouraged from using cryptocurrencies when they sign up for crypto exchanges because of the poor user interface.

We provide the services aimed at tackling the inherent problems in the cryptocurrency exchange space, including:

 Cross-Border Crypto currencies-Exchange Platform:

We will create opportunities for traders and investors to buy, sell and exchange their favourite cryptocurrencies at current and determined prices. No more merchant fees and credit card fees: pay only the real cost and get the most out of your cryptocurrency with the lowest exchange rates available. Considering you've got to pay a network fee every time you want to transfer cryptocurrency, it’s totally understandable that you would want to avoid excessive exchange fees.

 Social Trading Platform:

CoVEX offers you a plethora of carefully vetted, approved and professional trade managers who you can follow and rely on when creating your portfolio as an investor. We vet new and old traders periodically and new traders who have maintained a highly successful track record can join our professional trade managers team.

Our platform will allow users to set their funds and tokens to copy trade from top traders, and top traders can share their trading experience with new users, enabling them to learn more about the crypto market. The platform is totally transparent and secure, thereby giving users complete and safe control of their trading funds and investments.

Our platform provides an easy-to-use interface that will keep you up-to-date with the best traders, who have a proven track record of profitable trades, and allow you to use their investments and knowledge for your own benefit.

Cross-Border Margin Trading:

For traders with a limited amount of crypto resources, i.e. Bitcoin and altcoins, we provide the option of margin trading in order to add leverage to the investment. This effectively increases the amount invested without having to actually hold the assets. Our platform will allow traders to borrow or lend tokens for margin trading.

 CoVEX Payment Gateway:

Our payment gateway will allow our users to effortlessly trade between cryptos and fiat currencies in futures, such as the USD, GBP, and the EUR. In the future, the wallet service will be complemented by prepaid cards or credit cards which will enable users to quickly access their funds.

 P2P Loan Service:

CoVEX will also implement a platform that allows lenders to issue loans to borrowers based on a selecting credit decision package. This will be specified by ML algorithms which scores the estimated fraud, identity and other credit rating agencies. Before the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, there were very few safe options for lending. CoVEX’s services aim to provide a swift and cost-effective solution to this dilemma. Furthermore, CoVEX offers lending and credit options to its users and you can earn interest by lending and borrow with relative ease.

 ICO Underwritings:

CoVEX also offers a high-quality underwriting service which provides promising ICOs that have passed a stringent smart contract code review, and legal compliance by our expert ICO review department. CoVEX will provide a complete package for ICO beginners, assisting them with smart contract code reviews and legal compliance.

We firmly believe in the unique proposition that makes CoVEX, as well as the many great services it’ll bring to the market. We look forward to guiding new ICOs through the process and providing our users with a top-quality user experience.

CoVEX Platform


CoVEX is tailored for everyday use and provides a robust and secure environment for your cryptocurrency, direct transactions and instant exchange. CoVEX is accessible 24/7 worldwide on your laptop, desktop or mobile devices alike and offers bank-grade security and next generation account protection. Encrypted SSL connection over HTTPS, 2-factor authentication and trusted IPs.


Our “discount in trading” feature ensures that CoVEX holders with more than 3,000 CoVEX Coins will be entitled to a huge 50% discount in buying and selling fees.


Join the CoVEX Referral Program to earn up to 10% in commissions just by introducing new users to our platform. All it takes is a link and a post. Simply sign up to receive your referral link and post it on your website, social networks, or any other online platform.


If you keep making transactions while holding the CoVEX token, you will receive up to 50% bonus rewards (referral and bonus). The Rewards Program will also allow you to earn extra CoVEX tokens. We understand the true value of building and developing an initiative and have therefore made the Rewards Program and loyalty core aspects of the CoVEX dream.


CoVEX’s support team is a 24/7 response unit dedicated to ensuring the quality of service is top-notch and our users are always satisfied with their experience. Any technical issue faced by users will be resolved immediately. You can contact our customer service department who work around the clock to provide you with the quickest service possible.


We offer both Mobile and Desktop App solutions that will be synchronized in real-time. We also offer several advanced features with full interface customization and various themes available.

Token Sale


Buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the CoVEX exchange! 

Trading through the CoVEX Market gives you total control over your money and allows you to deal directly with the platform and other users in our blockchain.

We have an Incentive for Stake (IFS) model that is designed specifically to maintain a continuous rewards program for CoVEX Token Holders.

Earn more CoVEX tokens based on a host of referral and invitation program features.

CoVEX will list over 100 cryptocurrencies for spot trading within a few months after the platform goes live

We are a globally available trading platform.

A growing network of internationally-recognized partners

We strongly believe that the CoVEX token will become one of the most highly distributed tokens in the Ethereum network !


J. Mohan

Founder & CEO

Labu K. Ghimire

Co-Founder & CMO

Peter Wanjala

Business & Product Development Head

Junaid Nawaz

CTO & Lead Blockchain Developer

Zohaib Qadir

Lead Blockchain Developer


White Paper

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Accepting ETH
Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 COVEX = 0.005 ETH
Token Count 192,500,000
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CoVEX - THE NEXT GENERATION All In One Digital Trading Platform.

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